As usual, I come through with some quick hits on college basketball and hockey, plus mention someone who is finally getting his due from an organization. Then, of course, there's a review on round 15 and a preview of round 16, including my perspective on the Christmas evening grudge match between the Eagles and Cowboys.

Don't forget the obvious CZT Knuckleheads of the Week...should not be an issue there!

NOTE: this podcast was recorded 90 minutes before the announcement of the Allen Iverson trade to Denver.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_121906.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 8:28am EST

Once again, there's a lot of football with my round 14 recap in the NFL (along with round 15 picks), but I also include a college coach who bailed out on his team! There's also some hockey and basketball to go around, along with more free agent signings that partly explain why the United States is $9 trillion in debt.

Don't forget about an obvious CZT Knucklehead Of The Week, but also pay attention to your team's playoff chances--along with the teams that have been eradicated from January participation thanks to the 'playoff detonator!'

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_121206.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 8:10am EST

This week I briefly mention which NHL player is coming back 'into his own', while I go off on another crazy (literally) baseball signing. There's college football to be had as well--including why I think OSU/Florida is a legit national title game, along with other championship games that could be played in the future. After going 'bowl' crazy, it's the NFL--which included a 'freakout' result based on a prediction I gave from my last podcast.

Then you have your CZT Knuckleheads Of The Week--add all of this up and you have this week's show!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_120506.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 5:24am EST

My show begins with a review of college and pro basketball along with hockey; plus a little story involving a college football rivalry (not the game itself) that went completely tragic. Also, I explain why I am petitioning on keeping Mark McGwire OUT of the Baseball Hall Of Fame! Finally, I recap week 12 in the NFL and give my week 13 picks, and as a bonus, I pass along advice on how to pick games involving dome teams this time of year.

Don't forget my Crazy Tom Knucklehead(s) of the week along with a new segment; Crazy Shoutouts!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_112806.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 8:19am EST

In this 'pre-turkey' special, I ask: why emphasize the "THE" in The Ohio State University? I'll have some commentary on the Michigan-Ohio State game (where my CZT Knucklehead of the Week is) plus, I ask why Notre Dame is still #5 in the nation.

Don't forget my usual football picks for week 12 (along with week 11 analysis) plus my usual hockey and basketball with a little bit of college thrown in.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_112106.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 2:55am EST

There is plenty to talk about...I review the last couple of weeks in sports, including basketball, hockey, the World Series, and football of course--except I make no mention of college. However, I give my usual knuckleheads of the week, my week 11 picks, and...a nice note to my wife to start the show.
Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_111606.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 8:48am EST

Since there is no regular sports show this week, I decided to pull from my archives an October 2004 mix of tunes relating to Breast Cancer Awareness which I put together. This in no way is to say that I am a DJ, but this collaboration appeared on an internet mix show program 2 years ago, and I wanted to share this with you as we close the month of Pink-tober.

In this 20:37 mix, the tracks include...1) an intro to my tune Pink Ribbon, 2) Riva--Time Is A Healer, 3) Paul Van Dyk--We Are Alive, 4) Madonna--What It Feels Like For A Girl, 5) Andain--Beautiful Things, 6) Aurora--Ordinary World (the Duran Duran cover), 7) Fragma--You Are Alive, 8) Destiny's Child--Survivor, and lastly 9) Crazy Tom--Pink Ribbon.

Do enjoy this mix and feel free to pass along feedback if you wish!

Direct download: Breast_Cancer_Awareness_Mixdown_October_2004.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 2:57pm EST

There's a lot to talk about this week: the Crazy one speaks about 1) the 'shake-up' of the Philadelphia Flyers, 2) a quick NBA Preview for 2006-07 and whom I feel will be in the Finals, 3) an update on the World Series up to the start of game 4, and 4) a look at last week's football games along with predictions for both weeks 8 and 9, since there will be no Crazy Tomcast next week.

Of course there is also my Crazy Tom Knucklehead(s) of the week, but I also give my insight on which games NBC might pick as Sunday Night games later in the season.

Remember, it's if you have comments. There's lots of stuff to talk about...and lots of crazy emotion that will spill over in this podcast!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_102506.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:52pm EST

A lot goes on in this 46-minute podcast: after briefly sending my congrats to Zeta Tau Alpha on 108 years of sisterhood, I talk a little about hockey and MLB's League Championship Series--and how I think the Cardinals and the Mets would do against Detroit.

I end with a review of week 6 in the NFL along with my week 7 picks, but I also load up the largest amount of people ever involved in my 'Crazy Tom Knucklehead Of The Week' for this week, so listen...if you dare! :)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_101706.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 4:49pm EST

This week I feature a couple of things: 1) a plea to stop the violence in schools, 2) my NHL Hockey picks for 2006-07, 3) my baseball division series predictions (and ripping the Phillies), and 4) a look at last week in football along with my week 5 preview--and of course, there is my Crazy Tom Knucklehead of the week!

(NOTE: background music at beginning and end is 'Pink Ribbon' which I composed. Free downloads available at, click 'music' on the right of the page.)

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_100206.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:57pm EST

Thanks to everyone for your patience; I've been out with a bad throat this last week.

This Crazy Tom Show features my thoughts on how T-O OD'd and his current situation, the final week of the baseball season, and my picks on week 4 in the NFL.

Don't forget about my Crazy Tom Knuckleheads of the last two weeks--one university better listen to this!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_092806.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 4:14pm EST

Hear my comments on the 5-year anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks along with a review of each game of the NFL's opening week (as well as my picks for round 2).

Don't forget about another one of my Crazy Tom 'Knuckleheads of the Week!'

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_091206.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 6:24am EST

Plain and simple...this is a football preview special! Hear my thoughts on the 2006 NFL season along with how each team will finish.
Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_090506.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 7:51am EST

This week the Crazy one talks about 1) why Terry Francona is not as good of a manager as one may think; 2) more on the T-uh-Oh situation in Dallas, 3) why Steelers fans should not panic over an 0-3 preseason start, and 4) a lovely opening week of college football mismatchups (including my scolding of Ohio State).

Don't forget about the Crazy Tom 'Knucklehead of the Week' pick this week is sure to be a dousy!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_082906.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 3:28pm EST

This week's Crazy Tom show features a couple of interesting subjects: 1) comments on the Redskins and Cowboys, 2) my disdain on corporate stadium names, 3) the inevitable rise of the Bankees (Yankees) and their bleaching of the Red Sox, and 4) an idea that could contain bench-clearing brawls in baseball.

Don't forget to find out who gets the honor--or dishonor--of the Crazy Tom Knucklehead of the week towards the end of my show!!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_082206.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 8:50am EST

This is my first Crazy Tom Show...each week I'll talk about something different. It will mostly be sports, but once in a while I'll talk about something else. Whatever comes to mind, I talk about--and it's OK to disagree. The show also includes my Crazy Tom 'Knucklehead Of The Week' at the very end, so listen to find out who it is and find out how you can nominate someone for that category for a future show.

This week? My show is again on the Phillies and their continual invention of losing games--including how I felt about their trades (especially Bobby Abreu).

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_080806.mp3
Category:baseball -- posted at: 6:37am EST

This podcast was created after the latest Monday Night debacle against Atlanta on 7-25-06 (it does not include the 2nd base umpire helping the Phillies lose the next night). I give examples as to why the Phillies are heading toward last place in the NL East and emphatically explain what is really wrong with this team in this 15-minute podcast. Give this a listen and feel free to comment!
Direct download: Those_Phloundering_Phils--late_July.mp3
Category:baseball -- posted at: 8:04am EST

As I did with the AFC in a prior podcast, I look at how the NFC is going to fare this year with only weeks left before training camp. Again I quickly summarize every team's changes and how I think each one will do in 2006. (NOTE: Those who are Cowboys fans--as my lifelong team, I analyze them as well a little more in depth; you may want to listen closely because Terrell Owens will not be the answer in my opinion.)
Direct download: crazynfc.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 10:56pm EST

With just about a month before training camp, I look at how the AFC is going to fare this year--and I quickly summarize every team's changes and how I think each one will do in 2006. (This includes a comment or two on Ben Rothielsberger and his motorcycle accident--my NFC preview will be coming soon.)
Direct download: crazyafc.mp3
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My second trance show features two more breast cancer awareness tunes that were not featured on the Music 'For The Cure' podcast. In addition, I've also added three songs from 1 Corinthians 13 of the Bible, which I call "Faith, Hope, & Love...The Corinthians 13 Trilogy."

Direct download: The_CZT_Trance_Show_Vol._2--Corinthians.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 3:34pm EST

This is a short (and possibly far-fetched) podcast on baseball. It's on the ultimate baseball conspiracy...all beginning with the 1994 baseball strike which cancelled the end of the season and the World Series up until today--where things are worse than ever. I also explain why baseball has not been the same since then--including why the media is also part of the conspiracy. MLB really has 14 teams...the other 16 are in AAAA Baseball and have no chance to win.

Direct download: cztbaseballmedia.mp3
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This is my first trance show podcast! Every month I will try and come out with a new show that features a different topic and/or theme to my music.


My first show is called "Music For The Cure."  This features four of my early breast-cancer awareness tunes--such as One In Eight, The Power Of A Promise, Pink Ribbon, and a new version of Racing For The Cure. These tunes will give you a little background as to what inspired me to write this music. 


Please keep in mind that all the tunes you will hear are instrumentals. Hope you enjoy! :)

Direct download: The_CZT_Trance_Show_Vol._1--Music_For_The_Cure.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 10:58am EST

This is part 2 of my NHL review...this edition focuses on the hottest goalie in hockey (as of 5-8-06) along with problems in scheduling and what I think needs to be fixed.
Direct download: wilkinsnhl2mixup.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:36am EST

Hey first podcast! This is a quick review on two aspects of the 2005-06 NHL season...I speak my opinions on fighting (or lack thereof) and the shootout, which was added this year. Give this a listen--and feel free to contact me at if you have any comments or suggestions. Hope you enjoy! :)


Direct download: wilkinspodcastnhlmix.mp3
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