This is a short (and possibly far-fetched) podcast on baseball. It's on the ultimate baseball conspiracy...all beginning with the 1994 baseball strike which cancelled the end of the season and the World Series up until today--where things are worse than ever. I also explain why baseball has not been the same since then--including why the media is also part of the conspiracy. MLB really has 14 teams...the other 16 are in AAAA Baseball and have no chance to win.

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This is my first trance show podcast! Every month I will try and come out with a new show that features a different topic and/or theme to my music.


My first show is called "Music For The Cure."  This features four of my early breast-cancer awareness tunes--such as One In Eight, The Power Of A Promise, Pink Ribbon, and a new version of Racing For The Cure. These tunes will give you a little background as to what inspired me to write this music. 


Please keep in mind that all the tunes you will hear are instrumentals. Hope you enjoy! :)

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This is part 2 of my NHL review...this edition focuses on the hottest goalie in hockey (as of 5-8-06) along with problems in scheduling and what I think needs to be fixed.
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Hey first podcast! This is a quick review on two aspects of the 2005-06 NHL season...I speak my opinions on fighting (or lack thereof) and the shootout, which was added this year. Give this a listen--and feel free to contact me at if you have any comments or suggestions. Hope you enjoy! :)


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