This week the Crazy one talks about 1) why Terry Francona is not as good of a manager as one may think; 2) more on the T-uh-Oh situation in Dallas, 3) why Steelers fans should not panic over an 0-3 preseason start, and 4) a lovely opening week of college football mismatchups (including my scolding of Ohio State).

Don't forget about the Crazy Tom 'Knucklehead of the Week' pick this week is sure to be a dousy!

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This week's Crazy Tom show features a couple of interesting subjects: 1) comments on the Redskins and Cowboys, 2) my disdain on corporate stadium names, 3) the inevitable rise of the Bankees (Yankees) and their bleaching of the Red Sox, and 4) an idea that could contain bench-clearing brawls in baseball.

Don't forget to find out who gets the honor--or dishonor--of the Crazy Tom Knucklehead of the week towards the end of my show!!

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This is my first Crazy Tom Show...each week I'll talk about something different. It will mostly be sports, but once in a while I'll talk about something else. Whatever comes to mind, I talk about--and it's OK to disagree. The show also includes my Crazy Tom 'Knucklehead Of The Week' at the very end, so listen to find out who it is and find out how you can nominate someone for that category for a future show.

This week? My show is again on the Phillies and their continual invention of losing games--including how I felt about their trades (especially Bobby Abreu).

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