Since there is no regular sports show this week, I decided to pull from my archives an October 2004 mix of tunes relating to Breast Cancer Awareness which I put together. This in no way is to say that I am a DJ, but this collaboration appeared on an internet mix show program 2 years ago, and I wanted to share this with you as we close the month of Pink-tober.

In this 20:37 mix, the tracks include...1) an intro to my tune Pink Ribbon, 2) Riva--Time Is A Healer, 3) Paul Van Dyk--We Are Alive, 4) Madonna--What It Feels Like For A Girl, 5) Andain--Beautiful Things, 6) Aurora--Ordinary World (the Duran Duran cover), 7) Fragma--You Are Alive, 8) Destiny's Child--Survivor, and lastly 9) Crazy Tom--Pink Ribbon.

Do enjoy this mix and feel free to pass along feedback if you wish!

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There's a lot to talk about this week: the Crazy one speaks about 1) the 'shake-up' of the Philadelphia Flyers, 2) a quick NBA Preview for 2006-07 and whom I feel will be in the Finals, 3) an update on the World Series up to the start of game 4, and 4) a look at last week's football games along with predictions for both weeks 8 and 9, since there will be no Crazy Tomcast next week.

Of course there is also my Crazy Tom Knucklehead(s) of the week, but I also give my insight on which games NBC might pick as Sunday Night games later in the season.

Remember, it's if you have comments. There's lots of stuff to talk about...and lots of crazy emotion that will spill over in this podcast!

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A lot goes on in this 46-minute podcast: after briefly sending my congrats to Zeta Tau Alpha on 108 years of sisterhood, I talk a little about hockey and MLB's League Championship Series--and how I think the Cardinals and the Mets would do against Detroit.

I end with a review of week 6 in the NFL along with my week 7 picks, but I also load up the largest amount of people ever involved in my 'Crazy Tom Knucklehead Of The Week' for this week, so listen...if you dare! :)

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This week I feature a couple of things: 1) a plea to stop the violence in schools, 2) my NHL Hockey picks for 2006-07, 3) my baseball division series predictions (and ripping the Phillies), and 4) a look at last week in football along with my week 5 preview--and of course, there is my Crazy Tom Knucklehead of the week!

(NOTE: background music at beginning and end is 'Pink Ribbon' which I composed. Free downloads available at, click 'music' on the right of the page.)

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