My show begins with a review of college and pro basketball along with hockey; plus a little story involving a college football rivalry (not the game itself) that went completely tragic. Also, I explain why I am petitioning on keeping Mark McGwire OUT of the Baseball Hall Of Fame! Finally, I recap week 12 in the NFL and give my week 13 picks, and as a bonus, I pass along advice on how to pick games involving dome teams this time of year.

Don't forget my Crazy Tom Knucklehead(s) of the week along with a new segment; Crazy Shoutouts!

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In this 'pre-turkey' special, I ask: why emphasize the "THE" in The Ohio State University? I'll have some commentary on the Michigan-Ohio State game (where my CZT Knucklehead of the Week is) plus, I ask why Notre Dame is still #5 in the nation.

Don't forget my usual football picks for week 12 (along with week 11 analysis) plus my usual hockey and basketball with a little bit of college thrown in.

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There is plenty to talk about...I review the last couple of weeks in sports, including basketball, hockey, the World Series, and football of course--except I make no mention of college. However, I give my usual knuckleheads of the week, my week 11 picks, and...a nice note to my wife to start the show.
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