As usual, I come through with some quick hits on college basketball and hockey, plus mention someone who is finally getting his due from an organization. Then, of course, there's a review on round 15 and a preview of round 16, including my perspective on the Christmas evening grudge match between the Eagles and Cowboys.

Don't forget the obvious CZT Knuckleheads of the Week...should not be an issue there!

NOTE: this podcast was recorded 90 minutes before the announcement of the Allen Iverson trade to Denver.

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Once again, there's a lot of football with my round 14 recap in the NFL (along with round 15 picks), but I also include a college coach who bailed out on his team! There's also some hockey and basketball to go around, along with more free agent signings that partly explain why the United States is $9 trillion in debt.

Don't forget about an obvious CZT Knucklehead Of The Week, but also pay attention to your team's playoff chances--along with the teams that have been eradicated from January participation thanks to the 'playoff detonator!'

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This week I briefly mention which NHL player is coming back 'into his own', while I go off on another crazy (literally) baseball signing. There's college football to be had as well--including why I think OSU/Florida is a legit national title game, along with other championship games that could be played in the future. After going 'bowl' crazy, it's the NFL--which included a 'freakout' result based on a prediction I gave from my last podcast.

Then you have your CZT Knuckleheads Of The Week--add all of this up and you have this week's show!

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