Basically this week focuses on the transition from the end of the college basketball season to the beginning of the 2007 baseball season. With my Final Four 'busted', I talk about the regionals along with whom I believe is the best of those 'four' and why there may be a connection as to why the NCAA might want a Florida-Ohio State rematch from a few months ago...albeit in a different sport. In my baseball preview, I will also explain why the Phillies will not be as good as advertised.

Don't forget about my CZT Knucklehead of the Week...which I sing pretty 'badly' to!

(Note: I mention two events relating to raising money to cystic fibrosis and breast cancer in this show so be sure to give it a listen.)

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This is my first podcast in a few weeks…hope you enjoyed my mega-tune Daytona from two weeks ago.


This week, it’s March Gone Mad…with most of the talk devoted to the NCAA Tournament. But ask yourself this: why do you think the NCAA LOST money last year at the final four—and why are they assured to make money this year?


Find those things out—along with other tidbits and a slu of CZT Knuckleheads from the last few weeks. Enjoy and comment if you wish on here or on my myspace page ‘DJCrazyTom’!

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Folks, I apologize greatly for not being around last week for my Crazy Tom Show. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control--including delays with upgrading the equipment and the studio interior, I was unable to put a show out last week. (While away, I hope you enjoyed my tune called 'Daytona'...shorter versions are now available for download at; just click 'music' on the right of the page.) 

However, I am in progress with this week's show and have it halfway finished. This week, I will speak about the NCAAs and how they are going to make money this year rather than lose money like last year, along with teams that had absolutely no business in the tournament this year. Plus, I will update you on my CZT Knuckleheads for the last three weeks. This includes two teams that deserve to be in the knucklehead category this week.

Also, there will be a couple of NHL and NASCAR remarks--but I will also talk about the Sickers (win 7 straight and then lose by 50 after the streak ends) along with the madman known as Kobe Bryant...2 games, 115 points. (Who me? Here's your witch hunt, David Stern!)

Stay tuned for it...I should have it out by Wednesday this week. Remember, visit my page on myspace at 'djcrazytom' or 'crazytommusic.' Plus, look for more featured blogs such as this in the coming weeks.

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Since I do not have enough file space for this song, I’ve decided to place the full version of Daytona as an instrumental podcast. Shorter versions will soon be available on my music website—at


My description of Daytona has several dynamics…I musically describe the serenity of the beaches, the happenings of college kids there during spring break, the sunrise, sunset, and nightlife, and even NASCAR…describing cars racing at 180 MPH as well as with much slower caution laps.


With several transitions involving seemingly monotonous melody loops, I think this is a very intriguing, yet musically ‘trancy’, description of Daytona even though it seems to glide endlessly for 19 minutes and 34 seconds. Feel free to let me know what you think at


I hope you enjoy—and hopefully next week it will be back to sports for me as normal.

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