I seem to be back to my normal self this week.

There is plenty to talk about...this show includes responses I've received from the people of Virginia Tech and what might happen next. In addition to my usual sports talk and playoff previews from the NBA and NHL, I talk about 'how you protect a major market'...several different scenarios involved here.

Also listen for my CZT Knucklehead of the Week...a person and a franchise...and the franchise should have a title stripped because of what happened. So go on...pass the word on about this show!

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It's more life than sports this week. Given the events over the last week, I save minimal sports for last. I will speak about Imus, the Nor'easter, and the unstrapped New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine.

In this show, however, we pray for the Hokies.

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There's plenty of stuff to talk about this week since last week was too busy: 1) winding down the NBA season and crowning the Gators ‘kings again’ of college basketball, 2) a pair of obvious CZT Knuckleheads of the last two weeks, 3) I bring up something that is still—in my opinion—a huge problem nationwide that many ignore, 4) I preview the NHL conference quarterfinals.


The last 10-15 minutes of my podcast will probably be some of the most volatile commentary ever heard on any podcast…EVER. Please listen with caution.


(NOTE: the Phillies are involved…and this is before they were instructed to lose to the Mets 11-5 on Monday.)

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