As we prepare for this Memorial Day weekend, I salute the troops (although you may differ with my war views) and also cover the hot playoff action offered by the NBA and NHL, plus give you the latest baseball stories. If you listen carefully to my hockey segment, I wish for something (and just after finishing my show, the wish was granted!) have to guess what it is. Let me know at

Of course there is my CZT Knucklehead of the Week...but on a lighter note, I pay tribute to my wife at the very end. So listen carefully...and enjoy.

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NOTE: Due to technical difficulties throughout the week, this podcast was not released until Friday...please note that some information that I give may be jumbled and outdated throughout the show.

But there is plenty to talk about...ranging from the usual baseball along with the NHL and NBA Playoffs...and I end with a subject that clearly will not make me a radio 'idol.'

Also, there are plenty of CZT Knuckleheads of the week...past, present, and future. Listen and hear for yourself!

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Besides the usual NBA and NHL Playoff updates, I talk about non-military ‘draft’ stuff provided by the NFL—then I add a few baseball quirks and updates involving the Yankees and the Phillies. We remember Josh Hancock and Kevin Mitchell in this show as well.


But there will be a happy ending to this show…I promise…after I scratch out a CZT Knucklehead of the Week, which this week had a ‘fighting’ chance for the wrong reasons.

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