NOTE: this podcast is respectfully dedicated to Eric Snell, a Hamilton High School West graduate of 1989 whom recently passed away while on duty in Iraq. This podcast is not of the greatest quality and mood setting, but I speak about one of the great days for Hamilton West and the involvement Eric Snell had in it.

I later talk about the shocking circumstances surrounding the deaths of Chris Benoit and his family--but in the middle of my show, I clear up my hockey and basketball wrap-ups along with my CZT Knuckleheads from the last few weeks. So try to enjoy if you can.

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Nothing against Detroit, but this podcast speaks about the end of the Pistons/Cavs series, a preview of the NBA Finals, a progress report on the Ducks/Senators (and how I turned out to be wrong after all), a loss of an enormous NASCAR figure, and once again, a baseball update featuring how to lose a the Phillies.

So why did I call this show Detroit Flop City? Well, the CZT Knucklehead of the Week comes from there. So sit back, relax...and at least try to enjoy.

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In this unexpected podcast for the week, I pass along basketball, baseball, racing, and hockey updates--but you hear me complain at my best regarding an NBA issue that has every right to be as annoying as ever.

And then there is the brain-dead...two of which clearly deserve the distinction of being the CZT Knuckleheads of the week because they caused an unnecessary injury. So listen...enjoy...and e-mail me with any comments!

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