This is mostly a football show, but I save the pennant highlights until the end.

The IFL recap features two teams still blazing the trail in their respective divisions along with some exciting play as the halfway point passes on. The NFL features a recap of round 3 (including a couple lessons learned) along with a few interesting round 4 picks.

The baseball pennant races feature a CZT Knucklehead of the Week...HINT: it's not a game, and it really hurts. Find that all out when you listen and feel free to comment!

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(The disk error has been corrected: the real version of this week's show is finally up...albeit a little late.)

This podcast is dedicated to my wife...celebrating a birthday this week. Luckily, this week's podcast is a little over half the length of the week before. I speak about what happened in round 4's IFL games, plus--as quickly as I could--also review the wackiness which was round 2 of the NFL. Note that there are 2 IFL games that are going to be very interesting this coming weekend.

Don't forget about what could be the easiest CZT Knucklehead of the Week on record...well, anyone could 'see' that coming. Enjoy!

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This week's recap of the IFL features a couple of tight games plus a major surprise which has caused the standings to become more competitive...and possibly a Confucius lesson for all to heed by.

In addition, round 1 of the NFL is reviewed along with CZT Knuckleheads of the Week that truly deserve the nod because of their successful executions to their respective job descriptions as baseball players.

Although this is an 80-minute podcast, do enjoy and feel free to comment!

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For the first time, I team up with Kevin O'Brien as we give you a podcast recaping round 2 of the 2007 IFL Season. This mostly features highlights of the Philadelphia Patriots' win 28-14 over the West Philly Bengals, plus quick shots on other IFL games.

But, if you want to listen after the IFL stuff, there will be a Crazy Tom Show that will follow...that is, if you to hang around for our NFL preview and some other goodies (including my CZT Knuckleheads of the last few weeks). So stop laboring and enjoy this one!

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