A little bit extra this week in the IFL...I recap a few games in round 9 along with a couple that I missed last week in round 8. This includes a team that had a tremendous win but fell for a letdown...you will find out who that is in my show. Also, I preview the 2007 World Series between Colorado and Boston and give you brief highlights of round 7 in the NFL along with my round 8 predictions.

There is a 'Philly' connection to this week's CZT Knucklehead of the Week--so sit back, relax, train your ears, and enjoy!

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Round 8 of the IFL is reviewed with the focus on two very important games that were played...plus there's a preview of Round 9, the next-to-last week before the playoffs begin. Following that, I speak about Round 6 of the NFL, and early hockey update, and the Rockies...on a Rocky Mountain too high that they may need to be checked out!

Don't forget about my CZT Knucklehead of the Week...plus a few unexpected 'crazy shouts' early in my show this week. Be listening, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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Just when I thought this would be a short show, I amazingly had a schedule change which helped me finish the show the way I normally do. Not only are there interesting storylines for the IFL in Round 7, but there are also some weird happenings in the NFL plus a look into both League Championship Series.

And that only leads me to another obvious CZT Knucklehead of the week. Or is it obvious? You decide...once you listen.

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This podcast is divided into three parts...first--a recap of round 6 which includes controversy with one of the teams, second--a recap of the NFL's Round 4, and third--a preview of the 4 MLB Division Series' that are taking place along with my predictions...including a shocking participant which we already know.

We also know two people, whom affected their playoff chances, failed--and are now CZT Knuckleheads of the Week.

Find out who they are and enjoy the show!

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Featuring Scooter's 2005 hit Hello (Good To Be Back), I include a few highlights that got the Phillies to where they are today...especially one coming from a man whom I think cost us a playoff berth a couple years ago...and now he's cost his current team October.

Please enjoy this nearly 4-minute audio feature. Yes, it's Good To Be Back in the playoffs!


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