This podcast is respectfully dedicated to the students and everyone affiliated with Northern Illinois University.

I talk about the tragedy that NIU suffered last week, plus give the usual updates on college basketball as well as the current stories of the NBA and NHL. I also recap the Daytona 500, plus a special guest will talk with me about the Clemens/McNamee/Pettite soap opera on the HGH television network.

Also, I can not forget about a few CZT Knuckleheads of the Week...enjoy this show and contact me at if you have any suggestions!

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Lots of college basketball to talk about this week...including the sudden resignation of Bobby Knight and the firing of the LSU coach. I also include a couple of interesting stats from last week along with an update on the basketball player from Mizzou gone aloof.

There's NASCAR, baseball, football, basketball, and some bloody hockey to go around as well as a couple of obvious CZT Knuckleheads of the Week.

So buckle up, make your skates not that sharp, and enjoy...feel free to comment at


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The title says it all. But before the 'shock', I talk about the end of the Minnesota Twins as we know it, plus share updates from the NBA and NHL. Also, I bring out some interesting college basketball news (keeping in mind this podcast was recorded BEFORE Bobby Knight's resignation; will talk about that next week.)

Then...the 'shock.' The most obvious CZT Knuckleheads of the Week--maybe in modern history. Yeah--there's a Super Bowl recap which includes incredibally accurate predictions by my wife!

Relax, listen, and Hope you enjoy!

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