There are good reasons as to why I haven't been around these last few weeks. Along with previewing what will be the 2008 Tacony (Philly) Eagles from the DVIFL, I also take time to give my NCAA Final Four predictions along with a baseball preview for 2008 in comparison to Sports Illustrated's predictions. There are a few disagreements, that's for sure.

However, there are a few CZT Knuckleheads from the last few weeks, so listen up--enjoy--and feel free to comment!

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I feel as if I've let everyone down because I've only released one podcast in 5 weeks! Not acceptable! And now my throat is hoarse again!

So what did I do in its place for this week? I put together a short 6:17 remix to a tune that a few people may be familiar with, one of many tunes for Greek organizations that were put together by DJ Scrilla. This one uses his vocals along with a previously sampled riff of 'Stand Up' by Ludacris (from the original recording).

For more information on DJ Scrilla, visit his website at to check out all that he's done (including his myspace link). I think this is a fun remix that I put together so I hope you enjoy.

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NOTE: due to a server problem for the last week and a half, I finally got this podcast out but way too late--even after having to re-do the show twice. To me this is totally unacceptable because these are shows that I must get out as fast as I can to correspond with the week no matter what the obstacles may be...this is time-sensitive information in my opinion. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

But anyway, I speak about the latest in college basketball, baseball, hockey, the NBA, even a little Wrestlemania surprise, and even throw in a couple of CZT Knuckleheads from the last two weeks. Oh--and don't four-get about number 4 of Green Bay.

Enjoy and feel free to comment...and hear 'what drives me crazy' about halfway through the show!

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So much for getting my podcast out from last week! Server problems prevented my show from being released...and now, the reset button has been hit.

I have to completely do my show over this week upon the incredible news (which I called, by the way) of Brett Favre's retirement. To be honest, I don't know why this is such a shock to everyone!

Listen to my comments on the 1-23-08 podcast following the Giants' win over Green Bay in the NFC Championship game. I made a prediction that Favre would retire because everyone in the media assumed that he would come back. Wasn't it the other way around from the last few years?

Hear my comments later in the week...along with other NFL news and other things I will add on from the show I finished last week when the Crazy Tom Show returns. Meanwhile, put four fingers up and pay tribute to Brett.

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