I know the title suggests some gruesome content (such as what I start talking about politically--let 9/11 be a hint), but it just describes a team that is finished this year in hockey.

Not only do I talk about the NHL and NBA Playoffs once again, but I give interesting baseball updates--including the in-state rivalries which took place over the weekend. In addition, I talk a little about the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race, also known as "vot'em in and win."

A good guy comes out of NASCAR, while the CZT Knucklehead of the Week comes from hockey.

Check it out...listen...keep that mind open and feel free to comment at DJKrayzTom@comcast.net.

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After a week off of editing a football game, I come back talking a little about...politics! 6 months until Election Day 2008 and I come out with a few surprises and conspiracies that might just make sense...THEN lead into the sports realm of never-ending conspiracies that I feel totally exist.

Besides the baseball latest, I keep you posted on the NBA Playoffs and the NHL Conference Finals. The ice will certainly melt when the CZT Knucklehead of the week is announced for last week and this week.

Enjoy this round of self-inflicted insanity and feel free to comment on my chaotic commentary at DJKrayzTom@comcast.net.

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This is the second half of the game featuring the Delaware Valley Independent Football League and the Big NorthEast Football Federation.

This podcast features an interesting ending to the game along with an interview of the game's MVP.

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This is the first half of the game between thePhiladelphia-based Delaware Valley Independent Football League and the Mount Vernon, NY-based Big NorthEast Football Federation.

The first half features an interview with Tacony Eagles' GM Tom Peta and also explains why the game was held in Frankford rather than at 29th and Chalmers.

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