So what does this week's title reflect? Not only is there an update on the 'House Bunny' controversy, but also there are a few brawls thrown in for baseball, which will make MLB Charities very happy. In addition, I congratulate this year's NHL Champs and throw in an NBA Finals update along with a couple of legends leaving their respective sports.

Finally, I do my usual bumping and running with NASCAR and set records for separate CZT Knuckleheads of the Week...which will make people do the bunny--and brain--hop!!

Comment if you will at Hope you enjoy this one!

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This podcast features talk about the upcoming 2008 NBA Finals--along with a little bit of baseball, NASCAR, and the Stanley Cup Finals. I throw in a little bit of politics early on before all the sports get going.

However, this week, I present a different case before sports. Of course I am going to have my usual CZT Knuckleheads of last week and this week, but I am also going to also include a controversy involving a late summer movie, a Nickelodeon cartoon short, and a women's fraternity. Add them all up and you will hear a very interesting scenario (NOTE: there are a couple of editing problems in this section of the show).

Give it a listen...and send me your feedback at Enjoy the show as usual!

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