Too many cautions in this show to mention! I start by talking about the BNEFF--a football league I will be reporting on this year, then transfer to the NFL and the numerous moves that have been made already. I add some NASCAR and some baseball and finish off with some obvious--and surprising--CZT Knuckleheads of the Week.

Be sure to e-mail me at if you have a question. Enjoy the show...and check these promos using the links below:

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The title suggests a lot: more House Bunny updates (but this time there may be an end result), quick-fixes in NASCAR, the NHL, the NBA, and the NFL, plus a recap of the first half of the baseball season along with a preview of the all-star game.

Throw in some eye-popping politics and the usual CZT Knucklehead of the week, and business is underway! You have to listen to believe it!

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So there could have been more action words this week...I speak about the many changes that will be happening next year for NASCAR, plus give updates on signings in both the NBA and NHL.

I end with another House Bunny update, plus add some updated baseball fireworks which includes a few CZT Knuckleheads of the of which got the award for truly 'stupid splintering.'

Enjoy the show and comment freely at Also, check out a special Blockbuster promotion by using one of these two websites: or 

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I have been quite vocal as of late regarding the House Bunny movie starring Anna Faris, which is scheduled to come out (currently scheduled for August 22nd) from Sony Entertainment, Columbia Pictures Corporation, and Happy Madison Productions. Podcasts have made this situation a little more public. Word-of-mouth has also helped. However, after thinking about this a little more deeply, I am very worried that the fight (and this is a legit one) that ZTA has over the House Bunny movie may be all for naught.

Since releasing the details in my June 2nd podcast (which you can listen to on my website, at, I've talked to several neutral people regarding this matter. Using those conversations and my hopes of getting into the media as a sportscaster someday, here is what I came up with:

First, ZTA has every right to argue about their likenesses being used in the movie. Personally, they are correct in that the movie gives an inaccurate and improper view on what their organization is all about. If you watch the preview of the movie via myspace, YouTube, IMDB, or any other media site, watch 50 seconds in. The main character (Shelly, played by Faris) is entering a house of a sorority named ficticiously as Zeta Alpha Zeta. The top sign above the door should read as ZETA, but the 'E' is already missing and in one quick blip, as Shelly enters--the 'Z' falls off, clocking her in the head. Two problems...first, with the 'E' already missing, the sign would read as ZTA. Second, to make matters worse, the letters are written in turquoise of the two primary colors of Zeta Tau Alpha. No wonder they are up in arms about this and they have every right to feel that way.

Second, and contrary to the previous point, I am very afraid that the ultimate chip is being held by Sony/Columbia/Happy Madison. Why? Well, shooting is already done for the movie. Post-production takes a very long time--especially when it comes to crediting everybody. Also consider lots of editing that needs to take wonder when the movie comes to DVD, you see loads of deleted scenes that did not make the final cut. Hopefully, given this situation, they will credit ZTA in the movie for the use of their likenesses and that they can disclaimer that this is not how Greek organizations are supposed to be looked as by the non-Greek public.

Of course ZTA will not go for that...but consider two prior situations.

First, from Nickelodeon, the dreaded Jamie Lynn Spears and the Zoey 101 case. As you know, JL Spears announced that she was pregnant late in 2007, causing a firestorm of parental were now looking up to a teenage babymaker. From a moral standpoint, I can understand that the parents were right in wanting the show to be cancelled. However, according to info from, their article stated that her pregnancy "has proved good news for bosses at the TV network Nickelodeon -- more than double the normal number of viewers tuned in to watch the 3rd season finale of her show Zoey 101. The fourth season of the children's program was reportedly under threat...but 7.3 million people watched the final episode of Zoey 101's third season, over twice as many viewers as usually tune in...Nickelodeon will begin broadcasting the show's fourth (and supposedly final) season in February."

Which, as you know, they already did.

So, Nickelodeon's ultimate message to the parents? Screw you, we're airing the shows anyway.

Second, consider that this is probably the same attitude the film industry has, especially for Sony/Columbia/Happy Madison. They know that the House Bunny will easily rake in over $40 million in receipts at movie theaters. They know that this movie targets the 18-34 'Something About Mary/American Pie/Meet The Parents' demographic. The people already know that this is going to be a hit.

But why does it have to be at the expense of ZTA and other Greek organizations that know that this is NOT what a Greek organization is about?

ZTA has a legitimate complaint. Even their national president sent letters to the movie companies...but so far, no response.

Problem #1: The legal people at those film companies are probably stalling intentionally just so as the premiere date nears, they will release a very carefully-worded statement acknowledging ZTA's viewpoint, but theirs as well. So in essence, the statement will probably be a wash and the movie will be released anyway. But what if ZTA were to win this battle?

Problem #2: take a movie such as The Little Mermaid. That was a huge Disney hit. Over a decade later, The Little Mermaid 2 came out...but not to movie theaters, just straight to DVD. Even if ZTA won this case, once the commotion died down, the companies conceiveably could give a middle finger to them and, very sneakily, release the movie to DVD unannounced just like the numerous American Pie followups that have surfaced over the last couple of years.

This is going to be a very long and nasty battle. In my opinion, I feel that ZTA is completely right about all this hubbub.

But the biggest two-part question is: how far are they willing to go and, given the state of the US Economy, how deep can they get into Hollywood's pockets?

Realistically, this is not going to be easy. I really want ZTA to win this. As a supporter of them for nearly 15 years, I am backing them 110 million percent on this...sticking behind the nearly 190,000 students and Zetalumni that involve themselves with the organization as well as their fanbase. Simply put, this is 'the principle (ZTA and others and what they and other Greeks are about) versus the financial (the movie industry once again wanting to make a quick buck).'

May the principle...and what is right...finally triumph.
BTW...Adam Sandler, forget about the Zohan for a moment. You don't mess with 'the Zetas.'
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Celebrate the English King (known as July the 4th) with Crazy Tom! But an English King, you ask? Here's where I got that from...go to and watch for yourself!

Anyway, after a short absence I return with a vengenace and recap the 2008 NBA Finals--and Draft, for that matter. I also quickly 'pass-thru' with some NASCAR, some hockey (including a few Flyers' transactions), and some baseball that includes a 'Ray' of light that the Phillies can even use. Of course there are a few CZT Knuckleheads to go through from the last couple of weeks.

I spend the last 25 minutes of my show updating the 'House Bunny' movie situation, and pass along feedback from some listeners for and against this issue. Feel free to chime in at and I hope you enjoy the show...if you can at least survive it.

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