This show quickly recaps the conference championship games and leads into the 2009 Grand Final...which I missed. Thank you Mother Nature for causing me to lose an opportunity to give the league even more exposure. However, I sitll go on to recap the game...and ask a few questions in the process.

Hope you and yours enjoy the holidays and 2010...a supplemental podcast with interviews will come after the new year.

Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-11.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:28am EDT

Very simple...recaps of the championship games, I take a breather for the holidays, MY football top 20. Enjoy the holidays and talk to you again in 2010! :)
Direct download: NJHS1215.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:02am EDT

This week I quickly recap the action of the divisional playoffs and preview the two conference championship matchups, plus include a couple of promos regarding the BNEFF in action. The other playoff? That is my beef...a college football playoff that just HAS to happen.

Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-10.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 8:11pm EDT

Not only is a quick mentioning of Wild-Card Weekend mentioned, but I preview the divisional playoff meetings that are coming up this coming weekend.

If that is not enough, I have a very happy update on an issue I brought up in a prior show, plus have some serious and angry 'beef' about how a TV network ruined a timeless Christmas special.

Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-09.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:18am EDT

This show features my Crazy Tom Honor in the top performers from over the holiday weekend. Additionally, previews of all 18 group grand finals are briefly mentioned as action begins late afternoon on Thursday (12-3).

2 champions have been crowned already...which 18 teams will join them?

Direct download: NJHS1201pt2.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:34pm EDT

Many teams' seasons closed this past holiday weekend; I focus on one of the Thanksgiving traditional games...the Steinert/Hamilton matchup along with other trap games amongst state finalists. The next-to-last top 20 list is also mentioned.
Direct download: NJHS1201pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:29pm EDT

In an unusually long podcast for high school football, I give this week's top 20, why Thanksgiving and football go together (and a MAJOR beef about it), a recap of the semifinal games (with a few surprises) along with potential trap games some teams face this Thanksgiving, and a listing of matchups for the grand finals during the first weekend in December.

Direct download: NJHS1125pt2.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:36am EDT

This show features the top performers of semifinal weekend plus 4 unforgettable games that were played...Brick/Howell, Williamstown/Cherokee, Seneca/Hammonton, and Sparta/Wayne Hills.
Direct download: NJHS1125pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:31am EDT

I give a recap of the final 2 weeks of the season along with the playoff scenarios for the coming postseason. Additionally, I give the leaders of each category as listed on the BNEFF website.

Additionally, before my football talk I list another cause which relates to a government task force and their recent controversial recommendations on mammograms. Though this podcast attracts mostly a male audience, what about the females in your lives that may be going through something like this...especially breast cancer, which anyone can get? It is something to ponder and really listen to.

Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-08.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:41am EDT

All the postseason games in regions and groups are highlighted from the past weekend along with 'must see' games and potential title matchups.
Direct download: NJHS1118pt2.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:39am EDT

This recaps the top stars from the first postseason/consolation weekend along with the top 20 in NJ High School Football, along with intriguing group semifinal matchups for the coming weekend.
Direct download: NJHS1118pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:32am EDT

A run-down of all the sections/groups for the 2009 NJ High School Football Playoffs, including possible dark horses, potential title matches, and other surprises.
Direct download: NJHS1111pt2.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:49am EDT

Show features an incredibly high-scoring game, this week's top 20, and the high school of the week in the perfect scenario.
Direct download: NJHS1111pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:46am EDT

How could I have forgotten another coach's milestone? I talk about it in this week's show and the interesting circumstances which surrounded it. Also throw in the top-20 for this week and another North Jersey Catholic Grudge Match Doubleheader forthcoming...adds up to my last show before the State Playoffs.

*NOTE: no podcast on the honor roll this week due to late-arriving information. Hopefully will reappear next week.

Direct download: NJHS1103pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:42am EDT

This show recaps the last week of football, including a major surprise to many. The latest stats are updated in many categories, plus there is a loko ahead to the final week of the season...including a "can't miss" matchup.
Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-07.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:27am EDT

This was a show that was supposed to be released; however this is raw footage regarding a BNEFF show that never made it online; scheduled for the week before Halloween. Recording was not far from FedEx Field in Landover, MD--where the Redskins were eventually pummelled by the Eagles.
Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-06_pilot.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:24am EDT

I take care of the bonus right away, plus give out my top performers throughout the state along with the current football powerpoint standings for each region/section/group.
Direct download: NJHS1029pt2.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 6:20am EDT

A recap of two very good games last week, more lists and a top 20, plus a few games you might want to see this coming weekend.
Direct download: NJHS1029pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 6:17am EDT

The top performers from this past weekend are mentioned along with powerpoint rankings from each region/ a 'did you know' regarding football in extra time.
Direct download: NJHS1020pt2.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:17pm EDT

Immaculata's Pierce Frauenheim gets his milestone, plus this week's top 20 and two HUGE matchups are previewed in this show.
Direct download: NJHS1020pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:12pm EDT

Quick score recaps and statistical leaders along with coming attractions are given; be sure to pay attention to a special medical situation that will be announced on this show.
Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-05.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:13pm EDT

Not only are the offensive/defensive stars of Round 5 addition to ths week's top 20, the top 10 of each 'Group' in New Jersey are listed as we get closer to the playoffs.
Direct download: NJHS1013pt2.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:03pm EDT

This program recaps round 5, gives a Nate Smith update, an incredible milestone by a former NJ football star, this week's top 20, and a 'milestone' Match of the Week.
Direct download: NJHS1013pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:59pm EDT

This is a listing of football heroes throughout the state of New Jersey on offense, defense, and special teams...along with the top performances of the first weekend of October.

Direct download: NJHS1005pt2.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:14am EDT

The last 2 weeks of the BNEFF are quickly recapped, including some almost up-to-date stats and a few coming attractions.
Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-04.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:26am EDT

This show recaps Round 4 and a couple of exciting games...including one that fits this week's title.
Direct download: NJHS1005pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:22am EDT

This show recaps the top performers of Week 3 in NJ High School Football from offense, defense, special teams...and even a few who did more than everything.

Direct download: NJHS0929pt2.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:46pm EDT

Two great games, some wild finishes, and even a team that scored only 5 points...and WON! (5 points in a football game?)
Direct download: NJHS0929pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:41pm EDT

This show features the top performers of this past weekend on offense, defense, and special teams.
Direct download: NJHS0924pt2.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:14am EDT

This show features some top-20 recaps of games, a preview of my 'match of the week', and how Deptford High School made history this month.
Direct download: NJHS0924pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:09am EDT

With apologies for last week's illness, this BNEFF double-podcast features highlights of the last two weeks of action. In-between, you'll hear an interview with Nassau Punishers head coach James Simpson along with a preview of the next two weeks. (Please note the interview has some background noise due to construction outside the studio.)

As usual this podcast is proudly brought to you by the CSB School of Broadcasting (,, LibSyn, and the Blubrry Podcasting Community (

Remember to contact me at or visit my Crazy Tom Page!

Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-03.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

With hundreds of games played in NJ over the weekend, it's easy to overlook some performances of players whom deserve to be recognized. Part 2 looks at some of the finer accomplishments by players on both sides of the ball...offense, defense, and special teams.
Direct download: NJHS0915pt2.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:35am EDT

A 2-part show this week; part 1 looks back at the first weekend of football in NJ...including a few surprises. I also add my High School of the Week, and what I think will be the best match of the coming weekend.
Direct download: NJHS0915pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:31am EDT

This episode previews matchups including the preseason top 20 high school football teams in NJ...including one that I'll call my 'match of the week.' Offensive and defensive 1st and 2nd teams are also brought up as 'players to watch' this year.
Direct download: NJHS0910.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 2:39am EDT

Sorry this is a little late...but these are highlights from some of the games of the first full weekend of BNEFF Football action.

This podcast is proudly brought to you by the CSB School of Broadcasting (,, LibSyn, and the Blubrry Podcasting Community (

Remember to contact me at or visit my Crazy Tom Page!

Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-02.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:01am EDT

This week features a preview of the three NJ football teams that will be participating in the kickoff classic at Giants Stadium on September 11th; Bergen Catholic, St. Joseph's/Montvale, and DePaul.

Be sure to visit for further ticket and event information.

Direct download: NJHS0902.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 2:14pm EDT

Not much in this first BNEFF episode...this week briefly recaps the kickoff game to the 2009 season and looks ahead at the first two rounds of games. Also listen to my interview with the head coach of the defending 2008 BNEFF Champion NW Giants...Coach Brian Horsey.

This podcast is proudly brought to you by the CSB School of Broadcasting (,, LibSyn, and the Blubrry Podcasting Community (

Contact me at or visit my Crazy Tom Page!

Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-01.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 1:08pm EDT

The Crazy Tom Show is now functioning with high school sports in the state of New Jersey. I speak about in this primary episode:

  1. current NFL players from high schools in NJ
  2. a plan by one former NFL player from NJ
  3. a sample of schools and brief recaps of 2008 season
  4. defending 2008 group champions for football

Please feel free to contact me at if you wish to have your NJ High School shouted out! You can always join my Crazy Tom group page here at

This show is proudly sponsored by and the CSB School of Broadcasting (

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_NJHS_082109.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:54pm EDT

This is a special announcement regarding potential future plans of the Crazy Tom Show...and what he might be doing next.

To get the specifics, all you have to do is...listen.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_0815announce.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 8:03am EDT

This is mostly a baseball-focused podcast, considering things are starting to wind down:

  1. CZT Knuckleheads of the last 2 weeks
  2. The recent Phillies' struggles
  3. Recaps of the NL and AL and Wild-Card possibilities
  4. Deadline trades (of course involving teams with no chance to win)
  5. NFL and bogus preseason college rankings
  6. other odds and ends, including an update on the Alexis Cohen Idol tragedy

Be sure to contact me at if you have any questions, and join my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook here:

The Crazy Tom Show...delicious through, info courtesy of USA Today, and pursuing the radio dream thanks to the CSB School of Broadcasting.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_081009.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:48pm EDT

NOTE: this podcast was put up too late. This should not have been released because so much information changed since I finished the talking portion was completed. The info is as of July 28th, whatever happened after that I will have in my show next week.

This week:

  1. my title says it all: tragedy down the Jersey Shore was absolutely comparable with what happened to Donte Stallworth earlier this year
  2. the latest on baseball as the trade talk winds down (and a CZT Knucklehead of the Week on top of that)
  3. Wrestling? Did someone say wrestling? Well, I recap a pay-per-view event I was at in Philadelphia recently.

Hope you enjoy...e-mail me at or visit my facebook page here:

The Crazy Tom devoured by and the CSB School of Broadcasting (

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_072809.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:45am EDT

After an attempt to release a podcast last week failed, I combined bits of last week and this week to make a longer podcast than normal. This week, I speak about:

  1. an unexplainable early report of a police officer's death before it actually happened
  2. the 2009 MLB All-Star Game (and so it goes)
  3. each team's look ahead to the 2nd half
  4. CZT Knuckleheads of the Week that go together
  5. short bits on football and hockey
  6. a team-by-team synopsis of the BNEFF for 2009

There is plenty more where this came from so...happy listening! Be sure to contact me at if you have any questions or visit my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook.

The Crazy Tom proudly devoured by and the CSB School of Broadcasting (

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_072109.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 1:39am EDT

After an unexpected abrupt ending to last week's show, I resume talking about the world of sports...and explain why things came to a sudden stop.

This week, I speak about:

  1. the free-agent signings of hockey and basketball
  2. unexpected CZT Knuckleheads of the Week
  3. remembering Steve McNair and the bizarre circumstances of his death
  4. the last part of baseball's first half (and some interesting Phillies possibilities)

You can always contact me at if you'd like to chime in. Also, don't forget about my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook. Come by and say Hi by visiting and chime on in.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_071009.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:26pm EDT

(NOTE: listener discretion strongly advised in a couple areas.)

This was not necessarily the way I wanted my first show in a month and a half to go. But I talk about what's been happening since my last least for the most part. I throw in some baseball, then recap the NBA and NHL extremely angry fashion. Without and pomp and circumstance, a list of CZT Knuckleheads of the last few weeks are also announced.

Unfortunately my show ended very abruptly as you will hear.

Contact me at or, if you want to check out/join my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook, visit and chime in that way.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_070209.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:14am EDT

This is the first half of the 2009 BNEFF All-Star Game, recorded on June 6th. There is barely any editing...basically RAW audio footage of my commentary along with Dave Patterson of the NY Spartans. Quality may not be great so apologies in advance.
Direct download: BNEFF_2009_All-Star_1st_half.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 3:01pm EDT

This is the second half of the 2009 BNEFF All-Star Game, recorded on June 6th. There is barely any editing...basically RAW audio footage of my commentary along with Dave Patterson of the NY Spartans. Quality may not be great so apologies in advance.

Post-game interviews follow, with the featured star players and a couple of coaches.


Direct download: BNEFF_2009_All-Star_2nd_half.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 2:53pm EDT

NOTE: this podcast is respectfully dedicated to the late Mike Verini, a 1993 Hamilton High School West graduate who left us way too soon...passing away last week at the age of 33. The first half of this show (the 'shock' part) talks about him, his life, and those who remember him--including some condolence comments. (You can also leave your comments at but the guestbook will only be up until June 15th.)

The 'usual' from me is my commentary of the respective NHL and NBA conference finals...will make my predictions of what I want to happen and what will probably happen. I also give you some brief NFL and baseball updates...along with my 'usual' CZT Knucklehead of the Week.

Any comments or questions can be directed to me at or on my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_051909.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 7:55am EDT

Let me warn you ahead of time that I almost did not release this podcast. Upon listening, the sound is fine but there are a couple of skips--especially in the 2nd half of the show--that may interfere with your concentrated listening.

Rather than list what I'll be talking about, I'll share with you my usual NBA and NHL playoff rants, plus give a 'more than obvious' CZT Knucklehead of the Week along with other baseball stuff. However, the first half will speak about possible changes to my show. Although subtle, it's worth giving you a heads-up.

Hope you enjoy and as always feel free to e-mail me at with any comments.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_051309.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:45pm EDT

Back with my first real podcast in a few weeks, here is what I will be groaning about:

  1. my western Pennsylvania adventure (with a couple of suggestive towns)
  2. a Harry Kalas tribute song that was sent to me
  3. current baseball stuff
  4. the NHL playoffs (and a bunch of CZT Knuckleheads of the Week...for the last 3 weeks, that is)
  5. a special CZT Dance Track...for the cure?
  6. NFL news (No! Favre Leave?)
  7. NBA playoffs (and my conference semifinal picks)

Enjoy the show even though it's a little long this week...and contact me at if you have questions. Also don't forget about my show page on Facebook...keywords 'Crazy Tom Page' if you'd like to join.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_050509.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:44am EDT

This podcast is a tribute to the late great Harry Kalas, who passed away on April 13th at the age of 73 of heart disease.

In this special show, I share a number of his great calls along with some of his accomplishments, including a couple of my all-time favorites from the Phillies' voice for the last 38 years. I also include some listener feedback, along with my personal contact with Kalas through the mail as he was kind enough to critique my announcing demos from 2004-05.

Listening to Phillies baseball will never be the same without him describing the action. Enjoy this special show and please e-mail me at with any comments.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Special--Harry_Kalas_Tribute.mp3
Category:baseball -- posted at: 1:23am EDT

I don't normally 'blog'...but I want to make this special announcement regarding my next show.

As you probably know by now, longtime Phillies (and Hall of Fame) broadcaster Harry Kalas passed away today at the age of 73. Needless to say, this is one of the darkest days Philadelphia has seen in a very long time. The brightness did shine as three Phillies (Victorino, Howard, and Ibanez) paid tribute with 'outta here' circuit dingers of their own in the Phillies' 9-8 win this afternoon.

We truly lost a voice for the ages. I was fortunate enough to send a couple of demos to Harry a few years ago and was privileged enough to get a couple of responses from him with his feedback on what I was doing. In fact, one year I got a holiday card from him which included his 2002 Hall of Fame induction photo. I want to take time to share this with you and the rest of the listeners in this special show.

Instead of sticking with my normal podcast format, I want to put together a special 'tribute to Harry' show for the coming week. In a completely separate podcast, I'll talk about the rest of the stuff (NHL playoffs, etc.) at a later time.

If any of you would like to contribute to this special show...such as, sharing your memories of Harry--your favorite calls, his personality, his accomplishments, his connection to you, etc.--please feel free to contact me. I am going to send a similar message to those involved on Phillies boards on Facebook, and want to use as much as I can in this exclusive podcast. Also, if you know of others who are not in the group and want to contribute, please have them contact me about this. You can get a hold of me at or come leave a note on my Facebook group called 'The Crazy Tom Page.'

It is not every day that an oppotunity presents itself to pay tribute to a true and gentle human being that passed so suddenly. So again, any help you can give will be greatly appreciated...just let me know what you want to contribute and I'll be more than happy to get a hold of you about it.

All the responses I receive will be used in my Kalas tribute show. Once completed, I will notify you and the Phillies about it.

Thanks again for your help and support...and I'll keep you posted on things as I start to put this together.

Category:sports -- posted at: 8:46pm EDT

You would think the title would completely fit this podcast...the yolk was on me when putting this together. This week:

  1. the harshest baseball first week (including tragic passing of Nick Adenhart)
  2. a CZT Knucklehead of the Week for the ages
  3. final push of the NHL season
  4. no more NBA playoff push, the teams are all set
  5. updates on football including clarifications missing from last week
  6. a short recap of Wrestlemania 25 (the good and the REAL bad)
  7. why college basketball really was ho-hum at the most important time

All that and more on this week's 'eggcracker'...sourly put together. Please feel free to e-mail at if you have any thoughts.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_041009.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 4:58am EDT

This week, what you will hear is:

  1. an NFL update (including the CZT Knucklehead of the Week)
  2. hockey and the race for the President's Trophy
  3. a semi-obvious NBA update
  4. the men's Final Four...embedded with this weeks' CZT Dance Track!
  5. why the University of Memphis is NOT about winning...AGAIN
  6. a 2009 baseball preview
  7. finally, some interesting predictions compared to Sports Illustrated's...and a common sense World Series guess

Unfortunately, difficulties have caused much of the information this week to be considered outdated upon release of the podcast...a LOT changed since I finished the talking portion of my show, so I apologize for the outdated details in advance.

Do contact me at as always if you have any comments.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_040209.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:28am EDT

The title of this week's special Friday podcast says it all. Featured this week are:

  1. a studio update (with a bit of good news--for now)
  2. a wrestling update and possible future interview announcement
  3. interesting news unrelated to the show
  4. the NCAA and their 'Sour 16' (thus the podcast title)
  5. more on TCNJ and the Lady Lions; their showing in the Division III Final Four along with commendations to one of their stars
  6. a more-than-obvious CZT Knucklehead of the Week
  7. updates on the NBA and NHL

Feel free to ask questions through e-mail at as this is bound to be an interesting show.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_032709.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:21pm EDT

After an unexpected 2-week layoff, I come back firing with a couple of interesting topics:

  1. mention why no podcasting for the last 2 weeks...there's a reason why the studios I normally use were shut down
  2. the CZT Knuckleheads of the last couple of weeks
  3. my own bracket (or parenthesis) breakdown of the 2009 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament...and why teams are seeded the way they are
  4. NHL Update; honoring Martin Brodeur
  5. one huge Final Four surprise you'd never guess!

Remember to type in the words 'crazy tom page' if a member on Facebook; and feel free to comment at

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_031809.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 12:37am EDT

In another one of my hodge-podge podcasts, I speak about a number of things this week that will scratch your head. They are:

  1. a hockey prediction I made that came true
  2. my CZT Knucklehead of the Week...head-to-head!
  3. quick football news
  4. why it wasn't just steroids that ruined baseball
  5. my Crazy Tom Dance Track (and you WON'T believe your ears this week!)
  6. the Matt Kenseth invitational (aka NASCAR update)
  7. pro and college basketball's latest

It's a lot of fun, chaos, and disorder wrapped into one show. Do comment at or visit the 'Crazy Tom Page' on Facebook.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_022409.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:13am EDT

With no interviews on this week's agenda, I get back to talking about a lot of things:

  1. college basketball's top 25 (and a few March sleepers)
  2. football cuts (and a CZT Knucklehead Of The Week to go with it)
  3. recaping last week's Knucklehead-to-head
  4. A-roid and his tarnish
  5. my 'imaginary' Crazy Tom Dance Track
  6. the phony NBA All-Star Game
  7. quick hockey update
  8. recap of the Daytona 500: The Great American Ripoff?

Enjoy this show and feel free to contact me at or visit my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_021709.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 9:21am EDT

Your true definition of compacting a show is right here! In this week's show, I warm up with:

  1. an update on a story I ended last week's show with
  2. my usual Crazy Shouts
  3. the FIRST EVER dual of...who deserves the CZT Knucklehead of the Week more?
  4. a quick baseball update
  5. a 2009 NASCAR preview and an interview with someone involved with the sport
  6. the latest on college basketball
  7. hockey's latest and the fighting issue

NOTE: the bitrate is smaller due to the length of the show, so the usual quality may lack slightly.

But still enjoy and contact me at if you have any questions...and on whom gets the CZT Knucklehead for this week!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_021209.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 1:45am EDT

You had to ask: in this case, IBEW stands for Idol, Bowl, Excruciation, and...Wrestler? Three main stories for this week:

  1. Recap of Super Bowl 43 (the heroes and the CZT Knuckleheads of the Week)
  2. another CZT dance track...which I remixed
  3. an interview with a former American Idol participant! To find out who it the video at
  4. finally, complete outrage near my former hometown

It's a break from sports for the most part, but feel free to comment on my subject matter at or on The Crazy Tom Page on Facebook!

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_020309.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 10:58pm EDT

Originally this was to be an all-Super Bowl show this week. Not so, however. Before I talk about that, I talk about...

  1. the passing of former NC State Women's Basketball coach Kay Yow, and the legacy she left behind
  2. a renewal in the fight against breast cancer
  3. looking back on a ridiculous NHL All-Star game
  4. facing a CZT Knucklehead of the Week
  5. finally, a brief Super Bowl 43 preview and my pick

Feel free to respond on my Facebook Crazy Tom page or send me a note at


Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_012709.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:33pm EDT

As I am now relieved from a bit of sports stress, I speak about certain things...some of which are not sports-related:

  1. more shouts to people whom have supported this show!
  2. the winds of 'change': Obama, the number 44 in sports, and a look back at the Bush(league) legacy
  3. Phillies' avoiding arbitration (and an agonizing Ryan Howard price)
  4. another Crazy Tom dance track!
  5. a quick look at college basketball and hockey
  6. looking back at the AFC and NFC Championship Games (and a CZT Knucklehead of the Week on top of that)

There is a lot on the plate...whether you agree or not, feel free to gat back at me at


Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_012109.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:00pm EDT

In the freezing cold of January I talk about these issues this week:

  1. special acknowledgements of those whom have joined my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook! (if you have a Facebook account and want to join, type in 'Crazy Tom Page' in the search box.)
  2. why New Years Day isn't special for football anymore!
  3. why we not only need a college football playoff, but also national co-champions for the 2nd time in 3 years!
  4. the latest in hockey (including my CZT Knucklehead of the Week)!
  5. the newest Crazy Tom Show feature!
  6. the NFL Divisional Playoffs and predictions on the conference championship games!

Be sure to drop me a line at if you have any thoughts.

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Happy New Year everyone! This week's CZT Show features me talking about some interesting sports stuff:

  1. my feelings for 2009
  2. baseball's winter signings
  3. the JC Romero disaster
  4. the NHL Winter Classic, and where it should be played in 2010
  5. my NFL rankings from 1-32 prior to the playoffs
  6. NFL Wild-Card recap (includes the CZT Knucklehead of the Week)
  7. NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

Enjoy this one and send me a note to if you have any thoughts.


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