Originally this was to be an all-Super Bowl show this week. Not so, however. Before I talk about that, I talk about...

  1. the passing of former NC State Women's Basketball coach Kay Yow, and the legacy she left behind
  2. a renewal in the fight against breast cancer
  3. looking back on a ridiculous NHL All-Star game
  4. facing a CZT Knucklehead of the Week
  5. finally, a brief Super Bowl 43 preview and my pick

Feel free to respond on my Facebook Crazy Tom page or send me a note at DJKrayzTom@comcast.net.


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As I am now relieved from a bit of sports stress, I speak about certain things...some of which are not sports-related:

  1. more shouts to people whom have supported this show!
  2. the winds of 'change': Obama, the number 44 in sports, and a look back at the Bush(league) legacy
  3. Phillies' avoiding arbitration (and an agonizing Ryan Howard price)
  4. another Crazy Tom dance track!
  5. a quick look at college basketball and hockey
  6. looking back at the AFC and NFC Championship Games (and a CZT Knucklehead of the Week on top of that)

There is a lot on the plate...whether you agree or not, feel free to gat back at me at DJKrayzTom@comcast.net.


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In the freezing cold of January I talk about these issues this week:

  1. special acknowledgements of those whom have joined my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook! (if you have a Facebook account and want to join, type in 'Crazy Tom Page' in the search box.)
  2. why New Years Day isn't special for football anymore!
  3. why we not only need a college football playoff, but also national co-champions for the 2nd time in 3 years!
  4. the latest in hockey (including my CZT Knucklehead of the Week)!
  5. the newest Crazy Tom Show feature!
  6. the NFL Divisional Playoffs and predictions on the conference championship games!

Be sure to drop me a line at DJKrayzTom@comcast.net if you have any thoughts.

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Happy New Year everyone! This week's CZT Show features me talking about some interesting sports stuff:

  1. my feelings for 2009
  2. baseball's winter signings
  3. the JC Romero disaster
  4. the NHL Winter Classic, and where it should be played in 2010
  5. my NFL rankings from 1-32 prior to the playoffs
  6. NFL Wild-Card recap (includes the CZT Knucklehead of the Week)
  7. NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

Enjoy this one and send me a note to DJKrayzTom@comcast.net if you have any thoughts.


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