NOTE: this podcast is respectfully dedicated to the late Mike Verini, a 1993 Hamilton High School West graduate who left us way too soon...passing away last week at the age of 33. The first half of this show (the 'shock' part) talks about him, his life, and those who remember him--including some condolence comments. (You can also leave your comments at but the guestbook will only be up until June 15th.)

The 'usual' from me is my commentary of the respective NHL and NBA conference finals...will make my predictions of what I want to happen and what will probably happen. I also give you some brief NFL and baseball updates...along with my 'usual' CZT Knucklehead of the Week.

Any comments or questions can be directed to me at or on my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook.

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Let me warn you ahead of time that I almost did not release this podcast. Upon listening, the sound is fine but there are a couple of skips--especially in the 2nd half of the show--that may interfere with your concentrated listening.

Rather than list what I'll be talking about, I'll share with you my usual NBA and NHL playoff rants, plus give a 'more than obvious' CZT Knucklehead of the Week along with other baseball stuff. However, the first half will speak about possible changes to my show. Although subtle, it's worth giving you a heads-up.

Hope you enjoy and as always feel free to e-mail me at with any comments.

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Back with my first real podcast in a few weeks, here is what I will be groaning about:

  1. my western Pennsylvania adventure (with a couple of suggestive towns)
  2. a Harry Kalas tribute song that was sent to me
  3. current baseball stuff
  4. the NHL playoffs (and a bunch of CZT Knuckleheads of the Week...for the last 3 weeks, that is)
  5. a special CZT Dance Track...for the cure?
  6. NFL news (No! Favre Leave?)
  7. NBA playoffs (and my conference semifinal picks)

Enjoy the show even though it's a little long this week...and contact me at if you have questions. Also don't forget about my show page on Facebook...keywords 'Crazy Tom Page' if you'd like to join.

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