After an attempt to release a podcast last week failed, I combined bits of last week and this week to make a longer podcast than normal. This week, I speak about:

  1. an unexplainable early report of a police officer's death before it actually happened
  2. the 2009 MLB All-Star Game (and so it goes)
  3. each team's look ahead to the 2nd half
  4. CZT Knuckleheads of the Week that go together
  5. short bits on football and hockey
  6. a team-by-team synopsis of the BNEFF for 2009

There is plenty more where this came from so...happy listening! Be sure to contact me at if you have any questions or visit my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook.

The Crazy Tom proudly devoured by and the CSB School of Broadcasting (

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After an unexpected abrupt ending to last week's show, I resume talking about the world of sports...and explain why things came to a sudden stop.

This week, I speak about:

  1. the free-agent signings of hockey and basketball
  2. unexpected CZT Knuckleheads of the Week
  3. remembering Steve McNair and the bizarre circumstances of his death
  4. the last part of baseball's first half (and some interesting Phillies possibilities)

You can always contact me at if you'd like to chime in. Also, don't forget about my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook. Come by and say Hi by visiting and chime on in.

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(NOTE: listener discretion strongly advised in a couple areas.)

This was not necessarily the way I wanted my first show in a month and a half to go. But I talk about what's been happening since my last least for the most part. I throw in some baseball, then recap the NBA and NHL extremely angry fashion. Without and pomp and circumstance, a list of CZT Knuckleheads of the last few weeks are also announced.

Unfortunately my show ended very abruptly as you will hear.

Contact me at or, if you want to check out/join my Crazy Tom Page on Facebook, visit and chime in that way.

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