Not much in this first BNEFF episode...this week briefly recaps the kickoff game to the 2009 season and looks ahead at the first two rounds of games. Also listen to my interview with the head coach of the defending 2008 BNEFF Champion NW Giants...Coach Brian Horsey.

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The Crazy Tom Show is now functioning with high school sports in the state of New Jersey. I speak about in this primary episode:

  1. current NFL players from high schools in NJ
  2. a plan by one former NFL player from NJ
  3. a sample of schools and brief recaps of 2008 season
  4. defending 2008 group champions for football

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This is a special announcement regarding potential future plans of the Crazy Tom Show...and what he might be doing next.

To get the specifics, all you have to do is...listen.

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This is mostly a baseball-focused podcast, considering things are starting to wind down:

  1. CZT Knuckleheads of the last 2 weeks
  2. The recent Phillies' struggles
  3. Recaps of the NL and AL and Wild-Card possibilities
  4. Deadline trades (of course involving teams with no chance to win)
  5. NFL and bogus preseason college rankings
  6. other odds and ends, including an update on the Alexis Cohen Idol tragedy

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NOTE: this podcast was put up too late. This should not have been released because so much information changed since I finished the talking portion was completed. The info is as of July 28th, whatever happened after that I will have in my show next week.

This week:

  1. my title says it all: tragedy down the Jersey Shore was absolutely comparable with what happened to Donte Stallworth earlier this year
  2. the latest on baseball as the trade talk winds down (and a CZT Knucklehead of the Week on top of that)
  3. Wrestling? Did someone say wrestling? Well, I recap a pay-per-view event I was at in Philadelphia recently.

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