I take care of the bonus right away, plus give out my top performers throughout the state along with the current football powerpoint standings for each region/section/group.
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Category:sports -- posted at: 6:20am EDT

A recap of two very good games last week, more lists and a top 20, plus a few games you might want to see this coming weekend.
Direct download: NJHS1029pt1.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 6:17am EDT

The top performers from this past weekend are mentioned along with powerpoint rankings from each region/group...plus a 'did you know' regarding football in extra time.
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Category:sports -- posted at: 10:17pm EDT

Immaculata's Pierce Frauenheim gets his milestone, plus this week's top 20 and two HUGE matchups are previewed in this show.
Direct download: NJHS1020pt1.mp3
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Quick score recaps and statistical leaders along with coming attractions are given; be sure to pay attention to a special medical situation that will be announced on this show.
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Not only are the offensive/defensive stars of Round 5 mentioned...in addition to ths week's top 20, the top 10 of each 'Group' in New Jersey are listed as we get closer to the playoffs.
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This program recaps round 5, gives a Nate Smith update, an incredible milestone by a former NJ football star, this week's top 20, and a 'milestone' Match of the Week.
Direct download: NJHS1013pt1.mp3
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This is a listing of football heroes throughout the state of New Jersey on offense, defense, and special teams...along with the top performances of the first weekend of October.

Direct download: NJHS1005pt2.mp3
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The last 2 weeks of the BNEFF are quickly recapped, including some almost up-to-date stats and a few coming attractions.
Direct download: CZT-BNEFF2009-04.mp3
Category:sports -- posted at: 11:26am EDT

This show recaps Round 4 and a couple of exciting games...including one that fits this week's title.
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