In an unusually long podcast for high school football, I give this week's top 20, why Thanksgiving and football go together (and a MAJOR beef about it), a recap of the semifinal games (with a few surprises) along with potential trap games some teams face this Thanksgiving, and a listing of matchups for the grand finals during the first weekend in December.

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This show features the top performers of semifinal weekend plus 4 unforgettable games that were played...Brick/Howell, Williamstown/Cherokee, Seneca/Hammonton, and Sparta/Wayne Hills.
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I give a recap of the final 2 weeks of the season along with the playoff scenarios for the coming postseason. Additionally, I give the leaders of each category as listed on the BNEFF website.

Additionally, before my football talk I list another cause which relates to a government task force and their recent controversial recommendations on mammograms. Though this podcast attracts mostly a male audience, what about the females in your lives that may be going through something like this...especially breast cancer, which anyone can get? It is something to ponder and really listen to.

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All the postseason games in regions and groups are highlighted from the past weekend along with 'must see' games and potential title matchups.
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This recaps the top stars from the first postseason/consolation weekend along with the top 20 in NJ High School Football, along with intriguing group semifinal matchups for the coming weekend.
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A run-down of all the sections/groups for the 2009 NJ High School Football Playoffs, including possible dark horses, potential title matches, and other surprises.
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Show features an incredibly high-scoring game, this week's top 20, and the high school of the week in the perfect scenario.
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How could I have forgotten another coach's milestone? I talk about it in this week's show and the interesting circumstances which surrounded it. Also throw in the top-20 for this week and another North Jersey Catholic Grudge Match Doubleheader forthcoming...adds up to my last show before the State Playoffs.

*NOTE: no podcast on the honor roll this week due to late-arriving information. Hopefully will reappear next week.

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This show recaps the last week of football, including a major surprise to many. The latest stats are updated in many categories, plus there is a loko ahead to the final week of the season...including a "can't miss" matchup.
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This was a show that was supposed to be released; however this is raw footage regarding a BNEFF show that never made it online; scheduled for the week before Halloween. Recording was not far from FedEx Field in Landover, MD--where the Redskins were eventually pummelled by the Eagles.
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