This show quickly recaps the conference championship games and leads into the 2009 Grand Final...which I missed. Thank you Mother Nature for causing me to lose an opportunity to give the league even more exposure. However, I sitll go on to recap the game...and ask a few questions in the process.

Hope you and yours enjoy the holidays and 2010...a supplemental podcast with interviews will come after the new year.

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Very simple...recaps of the championship games, I take a breather for the holidays, MY football top 20. Enjoy the holidays and talk to you again in 2010! :)
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This week I quickly recap the action of the divisional playoffs and preview the two conference championship matchups, plus include a couple of promos regarding the BNEFF in action. The other playoff? That is my beef...a college football playoff that just HAS to happen.

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Not only is a quick mentioning of Wild-Card Weekend mentioned, but I preview the divisional playoff meetings that are coming up this coming weekend.

If that is not enough, I have a very happy update on an issue I brought up in a prior show, plus have some serious and angry 'beef' about how a TV network ruined a timeless Christmas special.

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This show features my Crazy Tom Honor in the top performers from over the holiday weekend. Additionally, previews of all 18 group grand finals are briefly mentioned as action begins late afternoon on Thursday (12-3).

2 champions have been crowned already...which 18 teams will join them?

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Many teams' seasons closed this past holiday weekend; I focus on one of the Thanksgiving traditional games...the Steinert/Hamilton matchup along with other trap games amongst state finalists. The next-to-last top 20 list is also mentioned.
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