More things than I can fit this week...I cry about the State of the Onion, plus give updates on the Haiti relief efforts, the AFC/NFC Championship games, and how another gifted athlete found another way to "shoot" millions of dollars down the drain.

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This week...not only is there the usual basketball suspects and athletes on the week, some time is spent on a wrestling fiasco plus a coach who reached 500 swimming.

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I give the usual latest on boys and girls basketball including a couple of late entries on the boys side: in addition, I talk about a special sophomore athlete from Montgomery HS who is motoring quite a swimming trail.
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Pretty much a 50/50 split this week, talking more about the NFL Playoffs as well as the catastrophe in Haiti. I speak of alternative ways that you can well as other countries, whom have not been mentioned by us, that have come to Haiti's aid.
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I'm BAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!! (I guess that is the bad news.)

Under a new format, I talk about the NFL playoffs as well as the inevitable admission of steroid use by Mark McGwire.

But I also throw in a tidbit on the infamous Flight 253 that made headlines over Christmas...and what I will say on this will have you holding your jaw. So give it a listen...and open your mind to some shocking revelations the media will never report on.

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This show features a couple critical games on the boys and girls side of basketball. In the middle, some athletes are also named for their achievements in their particular sports for the week.
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For my first order of business in 2010, I discuss the top NJ Basketball programs...both boys and girls. This includes overall top 20s and the top 10 in each group.
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