And then there were two...Neptune for the girls, Trenton Catholic for the guys. We wrap up the NJ Basketball season by honoring these champions, plus give the final top 20 in both divisions...with a surprise on the guys side.

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A strange bunch to talk about in this week's show. First, I talk about the NCAA Tournament so far, including the upsets and the 'overrated.' I then preview the Sweet 16, including the Kentucky/Cornell matchup for Thursday, which may be the most intriguing ever, and I speak about the differences between those two clubs.

I also add a tidbit on the Healthcare vote (which may just be too absurd), and finally speak out about the possibility of a modified overtime in the NFL Playoffs. Really?

Enjoy this one...get me back at or on if you want to contribute! :)

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And then...4 teams remained. 2 for the girls; 2 for the guys.

This 2010 Tournament of Champions show recaps how Neptune and St. John Vianney got to the title game for the girls, while Camden & Trenton Catholic made their way for the boys' title game for Tuesday, March 23rd at the Meadowlands Arena (IZOD Center). Additionally, there is a recap of one of the all-time greatest state playoff games in recent memory along with other odds and ends involving Chatham and Shabazz.

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So this came out a few days late...not good!! But this week I talk about the latest in hockey, basketball tournaments, another Mets baseball blunder, and NFL free agent give a rundown of people that I want to thank for a very nice birthday last week.

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This show has a little of everything...a woman coaching boys, a special hockey star from Morristown, and the wrestling champions from NJ for 2009-10.

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