Here is the 2nd half of the BNEFF 2010 Unity Bowl...with a few twists and turns and a couple of surprises at the end. I also include a few postgame interviews with the game's outstanding players.

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This is a compilation of halftime interviews...including Nick Susko of the Empire All-Stars, plus Ryan Garner of the NW Giants representing the Keystone Conference...playing his final game. Vice-President Al Alston is also interviewed.

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This is part 1 of the BNEFF 2010 Unity Bowl, featuring pregame interviews with NE Eagles QB Brandon Sanders, Empire Head Coach Colin Baptiste, along with others. In addition, raw audio footage is presented from the first half.

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This show briefly looks at a few highlights within baseball and softball, plus gives a surprise lacrosse result in one of the county tournaments.

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The opening show to the new BNEFF season brings out the players whom will be involved in the 2010 Unity Bowl on May 22nd at Lombardi Field in Palisades Park, NJ. Special rules of the game will be mentioned, plus some entertainment aspects will be given regarding team dancers and halftime activities.

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This episode is mostly a lacrosse feature...includes a bizarre ending to a game along with a closer look at a Freehold Township star. Baseball and softball top-20 lists are also updated.

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