This is the tune Regret, which I worked on thanks to inspiration from a very close friend of mine. The final copy will be made available soon once some adjustments are made.

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Following my 'tricky' opening, I get down to business and briefly talk about the stars from volleyball, golf and tennis. I also take time to run down the specialist in boys and girls track, plus end with my favorite moment of 2009-2010 for the podcasts I have done this school year. And as a bonus...I finish with my theme song for NJ High School Sports, Endless by Ron Van Den Beuken.

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This is a recap of the champions in lacrosse, baseball, and softball...including an "Immaculate" and improbable comeback by one of the eventual state champions.

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This is a special release of a Crazy Tom mixdown project from 2004. From start to finish, this 20 minute mix will have you feeling the inner emotions of this crazy individual...from mixer to someone just wanting to live life. Songs included in this mix are:

  1. Future Trance United--Face To Face
  2. Kate Ryan--Only If I
  3. Dj Bobo--Together
  4. Chicago/Aquagen--Hard To Say I'm Sorry
  5. Angel City--Love Me Right (Oh Sheila)
  6. Oceanlab/Justine Suissa--Beautiful Together
  7. Floorfilla--Technoromance
  8. Scooter--Jigga Jigga

Hope you enjoy this one...a mix where you feel all the intense emotions of DJCrazyTom...inside and out.

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Following other podcast commitments, I return with stories of the spring sports postseason..including updates on women's lacrosse, baseball, and softball...including a very controversial game involving the Notre Dame softball team.

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