In this Halloween-themed podcast this week, I recap the four divisional playoff games that lead to this weekend's final four: the conference championship games...this includes two games this weekend with the spookiest finishes of the season. I also preview the upcoming events for Unity Bowl Weekend.

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After being under the weather for a couple of weeks, I return with my latest show...some important non-football content, plus talk about what happened on both make-up and wild-card weekends, plus give a little preview on all 4 divisional playoff matchups coming this weekend.

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Unfortunately, I am sicker than my last podcast...barely have a voice. My thanks to my wife Donna for assisting in a couple of parts.

I recap the final week of the season, including a mini-preview of the wild-card weekend, with one game yet to be determined. Plus, the game of the weekend had one of the biggest scare ever...listen to find out what happened.

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Back in 2003, I wrote a tune called Pink Ribbon. Though lyrics have been altered numerous times through the years, nothing is truly set, with the exception of those words, "Wear your Pink Ribbon and all will be right." In 2004, I came up with a piano/techno version of the song, which I have made my official release.

For this being BCA Month, please take time to give this tune a listen. Additionally, I have other BCA tunes, so if you're interested in hearing those, visit my FB page at or e-mail me at

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Due to unforseen circumstances there are none of my usual formatics in this show.

We recap last week's games a little bit, give one of the previous top-10 lists with a surprise twist to a game which happened two weeks ago, preview the final regular season week, and run down all the playoff possibilities.

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