My first podcast in a couple of weeks...this recaps the BNEFF Grand Final from earlier this month, gives overall BNEFF league stats for the season in numerous categories, and previews the BEFF Bowl in Bridgewater coming on December 5th. A more established preview of the game will be coming \next week.

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This is a special podcast commemorating the Hamilton High School West Class of 1990; whom recently celebrated their 20-year reunion in West Windsor, NJ.

I wrote a speech up for the occasion, but not everything was used the night of the reunion. With the missing pieces which I did not get the opportunity to share with people, along with a few last minute additions I thought about after the event, I decided to come up with this podcast of the speech...not only honoring those who put together this successful night, but also remembering those whom we have lost through the years.

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This is the 2nd half of the BNEFF Grand Final between the New Jersey Wolves and the Chambersburg Cardinals. A recap of the first half is given, plus there are interviews with the Bergen Hawkettes (the BNEFF overall dance/cheer squad of 2010) along with S-Rob, whom performed at halftime. Following the end of the game, the postgame championship presentation is given along with interviews with both sides.

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This is the first half of the 2010 BNEFF Grand Final between the New Jersey Wolves and the Chambersburg Cardinals. Also featured are pre-game interviews with both sides, plus a bonus interview with Mirror Image, who performed our National Anthem prior to the game.

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What a show for this week...recapping two incredible conference championship games, plus previewing the Grand Final along with a couple of other events going on before the game...including a dance/cheer competition. And for those who wondered about the chaos of last Friday...I'm here to settle lots of fears; and provide possible anger as a repercussion.

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