Ho Ho Ho brother! This is a combination holiday/football show featuring the best from the Big East Football Federation (BEFF) in 2011 along with bunches of holiday additions, including 4 Night Before Christmas versions with one of them by yours truly. The BEFF Championship game is also highlighted in this winter blunderland of a holiday podcast.

As for the holidays, try the legal, urban, politically correct, and CZT versions (some listener discretion advised on each) of "The Night Before Christmas", along with theories of why Santa Claus might be a woman, plus an engineer's perspective on Santa. This one is bound to be one for the book of ultimate holiday headaches...but still try to enjoy.

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This is the 2nd half of the NW Giants/NE Knights matchup. Things get interesting for a little while until control was established at the very end. Trophy presentations and interviews with the winners follow the game.

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This is the first half of the 2011 BEFF title game between the NW Giants and the NE Knights. Air Force singing veteran Erin Holzapfel kicked things off with our National Anthem...then the bombs bursted through the air with a strange first touchdown, a nifty second touchdown, and a hail mary answered...all in the first half.

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Following a nice Thanksgiving I come back with an update on the BEFF playoff picture and a mini-preview of the two conference championship games. I also mention statistical leaders from the MLF from this season, and start by plucking my own feathers on a true Thanksgiving turkey.

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This show talks about the last couple weeks of the BEFF season and the wild-card round of the playoffs...including something I noticed online that did not make sense! I then talk about upcoming matchups and recap the MLF Grand Final between the Piranha and the Lions...but in-between, I just lose it. Listen for my explanation (discretion advised) as to why I feel I let a lot of people down at the end of the MLF season.

Direct download: MLF111611.mp3
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This podcast talks about the beginning of the 2nd half of the BEFF season along with the hot teams, plus recaps some very exciting Major League Football playoff action...including full recaps of the conference championship games. I also mention some special people in-between highlights.

NOTE: this podcast was to be originally released the week of October 23rd but server issues prevented it from being released online. Thus, this was supposed to be released before the MLF Grand Final preview podcast.

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This is the preview podcast of the 2011 Major League Football Unity Bowl Grand Final which will take place (unless there's serious weather complication) on Saturday, October 29th at 7pm from Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown, PA. The Central Penn Piranha, champs of the Keystone Conference, face the NJ Lions, champs of the Empire Conference. This previews the matchup, strengths and weaknesses of each team, keys to the game, and differences between this and the last meeting from July 30th which the Piranha won 28-16. May have been a year late...but the two best in the MLF face off for all the marbles and I'm the one previewing the matchup, plus tips for the fans. (Apologies for the slightly low quality, but done for space reasons.)

Direct download: MLF102811finalpreview.mp3
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This is the 2nd half of the NJ Wolves/NJ Lions matchup for the Empire Championship. Both teams continue to hit hard and keep things close, setting up for a very dramatic finish (and for me, a very quick exit, postscript and recap follows the action). The winner goes to the MLF Unity Bowl Grand Final, set for October 29th in Allentown, PA.

Direct download: MLF_2011_Empire_Champ_Game_Wolves-Lions_2nd_half.mp3
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This is the first half to the 2011 MLF Empire Championship game between the NJ Wolves and the NJ Spartans, held on Saturday, Oct. 22 in Holmdel, NJ at Saint John Vianney High School. Both teams come out punching while one seems to take the opper hand through an exciting first half.

Direct download: MLF_2011_Empire_Champ_Game_Wolves-Lions_1st_half.mp3
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This is the 2nd half of the Southern Virginia Trojans/Lehigh Valley Storm Divisional Playoff matchup. Not only is this half intense, but the ending features more twists and turns as one team ends up surviving and advancing to next week's Keystone Conference Championship game.

Direct download: MLF_2011_Div_Playoff_Trojans-Storm_2nd_half.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 9:36pm EST

This is the first half of the Keystone Conference Divisional Playoff between the Southern VA Trojans and the Lehigh Valley Storm, held on October 16th at Crum Stadium in Allentown. This half includes some exciting plays...including a touchdown that resembled Charlton Heston's Ten Commandments and one resembling The Who's Pinball Wizard.

Direct download: MLF_2011_Div_Playoff_Trojans-Storm_1st_half.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 9:32pm EST

This podcast features a couple promos for breast cancer awareness mnth along with recaps of last week's action in the BEFF and MLF, including a strange finish between the NJ Lions and the NJ Spartans. There is also a playoff preview...we look at all 4 games and include an interview with Fred Rice, head coach of the Lehigh Valley Storm.

Direct download: MLF101211.mp3
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(NOTE: sorry for delay in release; numerous computer issues throughout the week.)

This podcast looks back at the previous week in the BEFF, plus recaps the two games that took place this past weekend...including an incredible game between the Lehigh Valley Storm and the Southern Virginia Trojans. Additionally, the playoff pairings have already been set...matchups will be announced leading into the MLF Unity Bowl Grand Final on October 29th.

Direct download: MLF100711.mp3
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There weren't too many games last week, but this podcast recaps the games that took place in the MLF and BEFF this past weekend. This week's games are previewed along with a look ahead into where the 2011 MLF Unity Bowl Grand Final will be during the final weekend in October.

Direct download: MLF093011.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 1:21pm EST

This show is a combined MLF/BEFF show since both leagues had games last week...there is a recap of last week's matchups along with both leagues combining for events in the coming weeks. Also featured is a father/son tandom from the NJ Spartans along with a BEFF charity game coming this weekend in Belleville.

Direct download: MLF092211.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 10:48am EST

This podcast packs in a lot: beginning with the rememberance of September 11th 10 years later (and some issues that actually bothered me this past weekend), then resuming into BEFF Round 2 and MLF Rounds 7 & 8 action. I also recap the resumption of the suspended game between the Central Penn Piranha and the Lehigh Valley Storm, plus highlights of last week along with a preview of some intriguing matches for the coming weekend.

Direct download: MLF091511.mp3
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Due to numerous delays last week thanks to the supernatural and Mother Nature, this podcast is a recap of round 6 for the MLF and round 1 for the BEFF. (Round 7 MLF and round 2 BEFF were called due to Irene.) Features include positive stories from the Philly Phoenix and the Westchester Warriors. As for what happens now that Irene has wrecked the schedule...well, you'll have to stay tuned for updates.

Direct download: MLF082811.mp3
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This is the first half of the very important contest between the Tri-State Bulldogs and the NJ Lions, held at Saint John Vianney HS in Holmdel, NJ on August 20th. Some interesting twists and turns by both teams occur during this half.

Direct download: MLF_2011_Round_6_Bulldogs-Lions_pt_1.mp3
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This is the 2nd half of the important matchup between the Tri-State Bulldogs and the NJ Lions, held at Saint John Vianney HS on August 20th. Once again...a tale of two halves? Maybe an exciting finish? Some dazzling runs as well? All are featured in this 2nd half...with postgame interviews following the game.

Direct download: MLF_2011_Round_6_Bulldogs-Lions_pt_2.mp3
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In a weekend filled with recovery, controversy, electricity, and sadness...this podcast is a recap of round 5 of the MLF season. Also included is a fundraider held between the NEPA Miners and the Westchester Steelers from August 6th, a look into the opening BEFF season, a preview to Round 6, but most of all...looking back on the life of coach Duke Mitchell who passed away this past weekend.

Direct download: MLF081811.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 12:40pm EST

There's a lot to talk about in this week's episode: first, an announcement regarding prior MLF games and this coming week's plans. Second, a word on the BEFF as they prepare for their season opener next weekend. Third, an announcement on one of the MLF football players and a daughter suffering from cancer. Fourth, a recap of round 4, including a team's medical staff saving a life...and finally, a look in to round 5 with a look back into what has transpired over the first month.

Direct download: MLF081111.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 1:32pm EST

It was quite a round 3...with recaps of the Piranha/Lions and other games, an unexpected draw, and even a few results that make this week's games even more interesting. Details will be given throughout, plus towards the end a special announcement will be made regarding one of the MLF players...and a family member in need.

Direct download: MLF080211.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 10:18am EST

It would be literally speaking when it comes to "very hot" action in round 2. All the games are recapped, including a surprise and a surprise blowout. Plus, the marquis Round 3 grudge match between the Central Penn Piranha and the NJ Lions is previewed along with the top 13...as of right now. (You can relive last year's matchup simply by clicking the August 2010 links of www.crazytom.libsyn.com, found on the right of this page.)

Direct download: MLF072711.mp3
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This show recaps the exciting games and players from opening weekend of Major League Football and gives previews to this weekend's action. *NOTE: the times for this week's games may differ than what is announced on the show due to the extereme heat expected this weekend.

Direct download: MLF071911.mp3
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Played in White Marsh, MD, this is the 2nd half of the Arena Football contest between the Broncos and the Bayriders, known as the Murphy's Independence Bowl. This half is considerably faster because of time constraints with the arena and other factors. The player of the game is also interviewed afterwards, along with important words from the Broncos' Coach Duke.

Direct download: Arena_Football_Independence_Bowl_pt_2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 7:03am EST

Played in White Marsh, MD, this is the first half of the Arena Football contest between the Broncos and the Bayriders, known as the Murphy's Independence Bowl. Pre-game interview given with one of the Bayriders prior to the game. Stunningly I'm not just the announcer here, but also...the clock operator as many points were scored in the first half?

Direct download: Arena_Football_Independence_Bowl_pt_1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 6:59am EST

As we get closer to the beginning of the 2011 Campaign, we look back to a few highlights from MLF teams over the past couple of weekends. Teams featured are the NJ Lions, NJ Spartans, Philly Panthers, and the NEPA Miners. Additionally--listen to the final few minutes of this podcast for a project that could take this league aurally to the next level.

Direct download: MLF062811.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 10:54pm EST

This is the 2nd half of a preseason inter-league friendly football contest between the New York Spartans of the Five-Star Football League and the New Jersey Spartans of Major League Football. Very good ending to this one; with post-game interviews of a key player from each team following the game.

Direct download: NY-NJ_Spartan_Bowl_2011pt2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 12:43pm EST

This is the first half of a preseason inter-league friendly football contest between the New York Spartans of the Five-Star Football League and the New Jersey Spartans of Major League Football. Includes a bizarre play midway 2nd quarter you just have to listen to to believe.

Direct download: NY-NJ_Spartan_Bowl_2011pt1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 12:38pm EST

This is the 2nd half of the BEFF All-Star Game held in Bridgewater, NJ on 6-4-2011. Was an exciting 2nd half of action including some great defense in the final quarter...following the game awards for outstanding offensive and defensive players are announced with post-game interviews after that.

Direct download: BEFF2011allstargamept2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 1:39am EST

This is the first half of the 2011 BEFF All-Star Game held in Bridgewater, NJ on 6-4-2011. A few good surprises were thrown into the mix; also includes pre-game interviews with a player from each team.

Direct download: BEFF2011allstargamept1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 1:32am EST

This is the 2nd half of the 2011 Major League Football All-Star Game, played on May 22nd at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. The 2nd half is played, which includes interviews of the halftime performers. Postgame interviews and offensive/defensive MVPs for each side are announced at the end.

Direct download: MLF_All-Star_Game_2011_pt.2.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 10:02pm EST

This is the first half of the 2011 Major League Football All-Star Game, held at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex on May 22nd. This features pre-game interviews (including one of the players whom could not participate) and an exciting first half of play.

Direct download: MLF_All-Star_Game_2011_pt.1.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 9:59pm EST

NOTE: This podcast had to be redone due to audio flaws in the original release. Some material was added back in along with new additions as the 2011 All-Star Game is previewed. In this first show under the new Major League Football monikor, I talk about stories that happened during the offseason; where we last left off, a quick look into the All-Star Game, those who will be participating in the game along with those nominated, and coming attractions I will be involved in.

Direct download: CZT-MLF2011-01_redo_real_thing.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 10:11pm EST

Simply...my comments on the entire Osama Bin Laden story. All you have to do is...listen.

Direct download: CZT_Rant_051011.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:28pm EST

This show never intends to be political but rather factual in nature. Outside of comments on Bill Clinton and Chris Christie, the main focus is the scary story as to why first responders of the September 11th attacks nearly 10 years ago could wind up on a "terrorist watch list". I also give previews to what I will be broadcasting in May leading up to my first Major League Football (formerly the BNEFF) podcast.

Direct download: CZT_Rant_042511.mp3
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Due to technical difficulties and no time whatsoever this week, this podcast is unacceptably up a week later than expected. However, this show talks about the 2011 baseball season (and my picks), along with an unusual situation between father, child, and race...plus Donald Trump for President? Oh brother...sign of the apocalypse. (*NOTE: discretion advised due to background language.)

Direct download: CZT_Rant_040711.mp3
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There is a lot to RANT about this week...RANTS include the latest gone unreported on the Japan multi-disasters, another Charlie Sheen comment, the aftermath of a former trying to control someone, if forgiving and loving go together, and how changing lifestyles can change the people that surround your life. Lots of great material for the first RANT in about a month. 

Direct download: CZT_Rant_032311.mp3
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Following what was a slow start, this is the 2nd half of what turned out to be an exciting game between the Bucks County Broncos and the Delmarva Bayriders. There were 2 plays in the 2nd half that were totally mind-boggling that are a must-listen. Postgame interviews follow the game.

Direct download: Bucks-Delmarva_Indoor_AFB_Friendly_2nd_Half.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 5:00am EST

This is the first half to a minor league arena football game between the Bucks County Broncos and the Delmarva Bayriders. The game starts up slow...but after quarter time the points start to pile up on both ends.

Direct download: Bucks-Delmarva_Indoor_AFB_Friendly_1st_Half.mp3
Category:football -- posted at: 4:57am EST

This show involves a recap of the Daytona 500 with a surprise ending...along with the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks and a little info on my gathering on March 11th. I also bring up the recent cancellation of what now is One And A Half Men, due to the actions of one Charlie Sheen...and how I felt his comments should be taken.

Direct download: CZT_Rant_022511.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 11:16am EST

This week revolves around the Valentine's Day aftermath, a preview of the NASCAR season and even a Daytona memory, plus get words from a soon-to-be soldier. Interesting combination for a Presidents' Day weekend...with others involved this week.

Direct download: CZT_Rant_021911.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 11:11am EST

Obviously there is plenty to talk about this week...just from myself. I mention about Valentine's Day (or February 14th for that matter) plus a recap of Super Bowl 45, the game itself, and what went completely wrong.

Direct download: CZT_Rant_021111.mp3
Category:sports and other things -- posted at: 5:07am EST

After a 7 week absence...the Crazy one is back with a different platform: RANT. In this trial first episode, I feature topics such as Egypt, the Government, and Super Bowl Sunday. Plus, I offer my analysis between the Packers and the Bears.

Direct download: CZT_Rant_020411.mp3
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