This show talks about the last couple weeks of the BEFF season and the wild-card round of the playoffs...including something I noticed online that did not make sense! I then talk about upcoming matchups and recap the MLF Grand Final between the Piranha and the Lions...but in-between, I just lose it. Listen for my explanation (discretion advised) as to why I feel I let a lot of people down at the end of the MLF season.

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This podcast talks about the beginning of the 2nd half of the BEFF season along with the hot teams, plus recaps some very exciting Major League Football playoff action...including full recaps of the conference championship games. I also mention some special people in-between highlights.

NOTE: this podcast was to be originally released the week of October 23rd but server issues prevented it from being released online. Thus, this was supposed to be released before the MLF Grand Final preview podcast.

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