This is the 2nd half of the 2012 BEFF Title Game, held on 12-8-2012 from Nap Torpey Field in Bridgewater, NJ. More of the same takes place from the first half...and finishes with a shocking ending. Postgame interviews also included.

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This is the 1st half of the 2012 BEFF Championship Game featuring the Central Jersey Vikings and the Westchester Steelers, played on 12-8-2012 in Bridgewater, NJ. An interesting opening with defense being the name of the game to this point.

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This is the second half of the 2012 MLF/BNEFF Grand Final between the Southern Virginia Trojans and the New Jersey Wolves, held on 11-10-2012 in Bridgewater, NJ. A wild 2nd half of action which includes almost everything...including an unexpected ending. Postgame interviews of outstanding players follow, including an interview from the BNEFF commissioner.

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This is the first half of the 2012 MLF/BNEFF Grand Final between the Southern Virginia Trojans and the New Jersey Wolves, held on 11-10-2012 in Bridgewater, NJ. Included are pregame interviews, a wish to those recovering from Hurricane Sandy's devastation, lineup introductions, ceremonies, and of course a hard-hitting first half of play.

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This is the 2nd half of the NJ Invaders/NJ Wolves Northern Conference Championship game. A very fierce 2nd half is played...but the final 3 minutes of this game are missing. Explanations as to why will be given.

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This is the first half of the Northern Conference Championship game between the NJ Invaders and the NJ Wolves; held on October 27th at Seidler Field in Plainfield, NJ. This was the beginning of a tremendous battle...pregame interviews are included.

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This is the 2nd half of the contest between the Flemington Generals and NJ Wolves, held on September 15th in Plainfield, NJ. Dark ending, however--don't worry, it's just the lighting, not the players involved.

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This is the first half of the Flemington Generals/NJ Wolves contest, held on September 15th in Plainfield, NJ. Some interesting plays in the first half--and developments as well while the game was in progress.

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This is the 2nd half of the Boxers/Vikings matchup held in Willingboro, NJ at the Memorial Upper Elementary School. The cold front comes through and the wind and weather pull more tricks...and a storm brews on the field of another kind at the end of the game. Postgame interview follows. (Listener discretion advised, especially towards the end of the game.)

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This is the first half of the matchup between the NJ Boxers and the South Jersey Vikings, which took place in Willingboro, NJ. Due to high winds, the audio is not great for most of the first half...the wind played tricks on everyone. (Listener discretion advised in some areas.)

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This is my podcast catching up on action from the last few weeks of the BNEFF and the BEFF. I'll give info and a preview on which game I'm doing next...and then give you predictions for 2012 on a 3rd league...the NFL. (May throw you another surprise along the way as well.)

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This is the 2nd half of the NY Venom/NJ Boxers matchup help on August 19 in Palisades Park at Lombardi Field. Yes, there was more at the end the player of the game gets interviewed.

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This is the first half of action which took place at Lombardi Field in Palisades Park, NJ on August 19th. Plenty of scoring went on...also in the beginning we remember two fallen football players who tragicly passed away this week.

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This podcast recaps the first 2 weeks of the MLF/BNEFF standings, highlights, and what is in store for round 3 for the weekend of August 11/12.

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This is the 2nd half of the season opener to the Panthers/Wolves game held in Plainfield, NJ on July 28th. Postgame interviews follow the contest.

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This is the 2012 season opener for the MLF/BNEFF, the 1st half of the PHL Panthers/NJ Wolves from Seidler Field in Plainfield, NJ. Game broadcast from top of bleachers since no press box was available.

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Sometimes there are more questions than answers it seems. This weeks' show talks about: 1) remembering a former Zetadvisor, 2) a Major League Football preview, 3) Penn State punishment penalties, 4) the Darkest Night outside Denver, and 5) why I am not in the world of corporate media. Enjoy...but listen very responsibly. :)

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I feel myself getting totally madder. This week's show may sound depressing, but it speaks about 1) why the weather has been so hot lately, 2) a fan pick on a bathing suit ban on a boardwalk, 3) how a lifeguard saved a life and got fired for it, 4) the Phleeped up Phillies, of course, and 5) a House bill to cut food stamps. Depressing? Maddening? This one you just have to listen to so try to enjoy and attempt to put on a happy face.

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Not with traditional opening and closing music this time around (and for good reason), this week's show sets off fireworks: 1) the Phillies and NHL stuff, 2) a Sandusky update and cover-up? 3) is Obamacare a disaster? 4) the late Friday night severe storms, and 5) could a major event happen before November? Lots to light with a Happy 4th of July...and make it safe and sane even if everyone else isn't!! :)

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An almost totally sports-related show this week, talking about the conclusions of the NHL and NBA seasons, a review of the 2012 MLF Brand All-Star game from the past, I have words on the new immigration mess and of course...that creep. Sandusky. Enjoy this one if you can.

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This is the 1st half of the 2012 MLF All-Star Game between the BNEFF and BEFF in Bridgewater, NJ on June 16. 1st half highlights are involved, including a surprising ending to the 1st half.

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You'll probably ask what was I thinking after this show. This week: 1) a reminder about my BNEFF/BEFF all-star game project for next Saturday in Bridgewater, 2) the Phillies and other teams' no-hit connections, 3) another fan pick that will tug at the heart, 4) total stupidity while driving, and 5) remembering the USS Liberty. Prepare for another interesting show...hope you enjoy! :)

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As if my podcast isn't chaotic enough, this week...not only do I fix my editing troubles but I manage to shorten my show by nearly a half hour. This week...I speak about 1) Johan Santana's no-hitter and hockey, 2) tattoos and the workplace, 3) a story you won't believe, 4) a football coach's non-attractive comment, and 5) plans for this summer with minor league football. Hang tough and enjoy this one if you can!

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Every podcast I seem to outdo myself...and this week may be the most riveting as everything connects in this week's show: 1) remembering Mermorial Day and life's value, 2) life's value with download? 3) why music is what it is today and where the money really benefits, 4) stealing money in Facebook stock, and 5) the sports saga. Listener discretion advised...enjoy and hang on tight!! 

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Once again, life and the busy work schedule have run me over and delayed this podcast release. This episode has me talking about... 1) remember Donna Summer, 2) using cell phones in flight, 3) the Symington Amendment (and why it's so important), 4) all the sports latest, and 5) a fan-pick that basically ties a lot of this show within some way. Hang on tight for this one and enjoy...with a new lead sponsor to be introduced!!

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It's another nonsense title that makes sense with this week's show content: this week featuring... 1) the passing of not one but 2 household names since my last show, 2) the real unemployment story, 3) an interesting fan-pick, 4) national hoax week, and 5) the latest on the Stanley Cup Playoffs, a sad football passing, and maybe the end of a Riv-era. But I throw a bizarre bonus at the hope you enjoy this one!

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Open mouth and insert more than foot in this week's edition: 1) the latest on Martin/Zimmerman and a Santorum bid in sanitaion, 2) a special story on a Georgia woman in need of organ donation, 3) Wrestlemania results and lessons within the matches, 4) sports updates, and 5) what NOT to say from a baseball manager and news reporter. Hope you enjoy this least this one is 25 minutes shorter than last week's show.

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My sincerest apologies for not putting out a show last horrid cough and throat wouldn't let me push through a show. So I'm making it up by way of a double show...

...with these 5 subjects: 1) the most boring NCAA Tournament ever? 2) football--the NFL, ECFA, and what you should NEVER do in a game, 3) my 2012 baseball preview, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) the latest on the Trayvon/Zimmerman controversy. The show is unusually long but I hope you enjoy as we head into Easter/Passover weekend.

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I confess this podcast will be another interesting one: this week I talk about 1) a special fundraiser benefiting the Tezsla family on March 27th, 2) post-constitutional America, 3) the ECFA, NJ Spartans, Saints, and Tebow, 4) the NCAA and Crazy Tom's Twisted Twelve, and 5) giving many thanks from a couple of weeks ago. Hope you enjoy this one! :)

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I apologize for the lateness of this podcast: this was not uploaded until 5 days after recording was finished so much info is obviously outdated. In this show, I talk about: 1) soldier goes Rambo on Afghans, 2) my NCAA Final 4 picks, 3) NFL free agent signings, 4) independent work for the ECFA and the NJ Spartans, and 5) celebrating our ripe old age. Hope you enjoy this one...this will set up more of the same next week!! (I also talk about what you can do to help the Tezsla family following the awful school bus tragedy from last month. In next week's show I'll mention a fundraiser that will be taking place to benefit the family.)

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Don't know about 40 years in the making since podcasting hasn't been around for 40 years, but since my 40th is this Saturday (March 10th), I have plenty to share. This could've been called Wrestling Politically With A Bounty On Musical Quarterbacks! Translation...I talk about: 1) the wrestling business, 2) the latest on the Republican nomination mess, 3) the Saints Bounty and Peyton's Place Vacant, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) personal thoughts on my 40 years of causing chaos and disorder to the planet.

Am truly blessed by all of you who listen to my show. :)

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In one of the strangest Crazy Tom shows I've ever put together, this week features... 1) an Oscar recap and Hollywood Hypocracy, 2) the strangest Daytona 500 ever, 3) Eagles' runner holding back plus baseball changes, 4) a violent fan pick, and 5) future fan suggestions along with chilling testimony from a member of the infamous 'crotchbomber' flight from Christmas 2009. Hope you enjoy--and based on a flash topic, I threw in a surprise at the end of this show...listen carefully for it.

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Just another title to my podcast that makes no sense, but this week I talk about: 1) the Oscars and the nominees for the major categories, 2) the latest on last week's Burlington County (NJ) bus tragedy, 3) Fat Tuesday and its origins, 4) a responsible "fan-pick", and 5) even I get to talk about the Knicks' Jeremy Lin for a bit...and come up with an article which basically says enough already.

Plus I introduce a new sponsor to my show...called Danyel's Delights. Listen for info at the beginning of the show for the services she provides. Hope you enjoy this one! :)

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Unfortunately this is one of the more somber Crazy Tom Shows of my time, as we look back on the life and career of the late Whitney Houston, plus talk about a terrible bus tragedy in Chersterfield, NJ which altered my show plans for the week. On a positive note, I also speak about the Grammys, a NASCAR preview, and Valentines Day itself. Or is it Singles Awareness Day? You decide for yourself and enjoy the show--or at least try to. :)

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This week's show has elements of bitterness, controversy, memories, and the usual realm of chaos and disorder. I speak about: 1) this past weekend's Super Bowl, 2) the commercials, 3) Susan G. Komen for the Chaos, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) why the NHL MUST get rid of the shootout. Hope you enjoy...hopefully my voice doesn't get compared to a soothing sound of Don Cornelius. :)

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Topics and emotions go through a wide range in this week's show, which is dedicated in memory of Lehigh University journalist Debbie Pearsall. (Please listen to the end of the show as to how you can donate in her memory.)

This week's talk: 1) remembering Debbie Pearsall, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and fantastic collegiate journalist, 2) sorority girls...on Reality TV? 3) how to strengthen your marriage, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) my Super Bowl preview and prediction.

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Persistent apologies for the Mr. Popper's Penguins propaganda pulled from the past year: this week's performance protests predominantly of: 1) Paterno: his life, protecting a legacy, and why we're acting so poorly over the top, 2) Paul: not Ron, but his son Rand and possibly pertaining to the pathetic TSA pistol making Rand not punctual for congress, 3) pontification of players, playing sports, and religion, 4) a fan-pick on the Phillies and Pence, and 5) the NFL Playoffs, leading to the prize on February 5th. Picks next week.

Hopefully this podcast won't be predictably pathetic. :)

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Prepare for one of the all-time jaw-dropping Crazy Tom Shows one Abraham Lincoln quote can freeze you dead in your tracks if you listen. I talk about on this week's show using my Hi-5 format: 1) Martin Luther King...his dream AND the nightmare that followed (the Lincoln quote included at the end), 2) you may not know this about Mitt Romney, 3) no skycap at JFK Airport, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) the NFL Playoffs and Conference Championship previews. Enjoy...but listen very closely.

Direct download: Crazy_Tom_Show_011812.mp3
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Lots of interesting stuff in this week's Crazy Tom Show...rolled up as total messups in serious and escape stories. You may want to consider me insane with some of the opinions I come up with in this episode.

This week: 1) the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Arizona a year later and what went wrong, 2) the BCMess and why Alabama's win became college football's biggest nightmare, 3) the NFL Playoffs...WildCard recap and Divisional Playoff preview, 4) a fan-pick topic, and 5) the Jeremy Fund with an overview on what it is and what they do. Visit for more info.

See if you can make it through an hour of THIS chaos... :)

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It's the first Crazy Tom Show of 2012! This year I iill be using a new Hi-5 format...that's 5 topics of sports or otherwise to keep the show flowing; similar to when I made my football picks as a Facebook status...additionally implementing audience participation within the show. Right or wrong, my opinions and passion fly without anything stopping it so if I happen to yell once in a apologies in advance.

This week: 1) The Iowa Carcasses, 2) My NFL WildCard picks, 3) why the Eagles have a brain and the Cowboys don't, 4) a fan-pick topic, and 5) the influences of 2011. Enjoy it!! :)

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