Persistent apologies for the Mr. Popper's Penguins propaganda pulled from the past year: this week's performance protests predominantly of: 1) Paterno: his life, protecting a legacy, and why we're acting so poorly over the top, 2) Paul: not Ron, but his son Rand and possibly pertaining to the pathetic TSA pistol making Rand not punctual for congress, 3) pontification of players, playing sports, and religion, 4) a fan-pick on the Phillies and Pence, and 5) the NFL Playoffs, leading to the prize on February 5th. Picks next week.

Hopefully this podcast won't be predictably pathetic. :)

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Prepare for one of the all-time jaw-dropping Crazy Tom Shows one Abraham Lincoln quote can freeze you dead in your tracks if you listen. I talk about on this week's show using my Hi-5 format: 1) Martin Luther King...his dream AND the nightmare that followed (the Lincoln quote included at the end), 2) you may not know this about Mitt Romney, 3) no skycap at JFK Airport, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) the NFL Playoffs and Conference Championship previews. Enjoy...but listen very closely.

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Lots of interesting stuff in this week's Crazy Tom Show...rolled up as total messups in serious and escape stories. You may want to consider me insane with some of the opinions I come up with in this episode.

This week: 1) the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Arizona a year later and what went wrong, 2) the BCMess and why Alabama's win became college football's biggest nightmare, 3) the NFL Playoffs...WildCard recap and Divisional Playoff preview, 4) a fan-pick topic, and 5) the Jeremy Fund with an overview on what it is and what they do. Visit for more info.

See if you can make it through an hour of THIS chaos... :)

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It's the first Crazy Tom Show of 2012! This year I iill be using a new Hi-5 format...that's 5 topics of sports or otherwise to keep the show flowing; similar to when I made my football picks as a Facebook status...additionally implementing audience participation within the show. Right or wrong, my opinions and passion fly without anything stopping it so if I happen to yell once in a apologies in advance.

This week: 1) The Iowa Carcasses, 2) My NFL WildCard picks, 3) why the Eagles have a brain and the Cowboys don't, 4) a fan-pick topic, and 5) the influences of 2011. Enjoy it!! :)

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