Just another title to my podcast that makes no sense, but this week I talk about: 1) the Oscars and the nominees for the major categories, 2) the latest on last week's Burlington County (NJ) bus tragedy, 3) Fat Tuesday and its origins, 4) a responsible "fan-pick", and 5) even I get to talk about the Knicks' Jeremy Lin for a bit...and come up with an article which basically says enough already.

Plus I introduce a new sponsor to my show...called Danyel's Delights. Listen for info at the beginning of the show for the services she provides. Hope you enjoy this one! :)

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Unfortunately this is one of the more somber Crazy Tom Shows of my time, as we look back on the life and career of the late Whitney Houston, plus talk about a terrible bus tragedy in Chersterfield, NJ which altered my show plans for the week. On a positive note, I also speak about the Grammys, a NASCAR preview, and Valentines Day itself. Or is it Singles Awareness Day? You decide for yourself and enjoy the show--or at least try to. :)

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This week's show has elements of bitterness, controversy, memories, and the usual realm of chaos and disorder. I speak about: 1) this past weekend's Super Bowl, 2) the commercials, 3) Susan G. Komen for the Chaos, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) why the NHL MUST get rid of the shootout. Hope you enjoy...hopefully my voice doesn't get compared to a soothing sound of Don Cornelius. :)

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Topics and emotions go through a wide range in this week's show, which is dedicated in memory of Lehigh University journalist Debbie Pearsall. (Please listen to the end of the show as to how you can donate in her memory.)

This week's talk: 1) remembering Debbie Pearsall, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and fantastic collegiate journalist, 2) sorority girls...on Reality TV? 3) how to strengthen your marriage, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) my Super Bowl preview and prediction.

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