I confess this podcast will be another interesting one: this week I talk about 1) a special fundraiser benefiting the Tezsla family on March 27th, 2) post-constitutional America, 3) the ECFA, NJ Spartans, Saints, and Tebow, 4) the NCAA and Crazy Tom's Twisted Twelve, and 5) giving many thanks from a couple of weeks ago. Hope you enjoy this one! :)

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I apologize for the lateness of this podcast: this was not uploaded until 5 days after recording was finished so much info is obviously outdated. In this show, I talk about: 1) soldier goes Rambo on Afghans, 2) my NCAA Final 4 picks, 3) NFL free agent signings, 4) independent work for the ECFA and the NJ Spartans, and 5) celebrating our ripe old age. Hope you enjoy this one...this will set up more of the same next week!! (I also talk about what you can do to help the Tezsla family following the awful school bus tragedy from last month. In next week's show I'll mention a fundraiser that will be taking place to benefit the family.)

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Don't know about 40 years in the making since podcasting hasn't been around for 40 years, but since my 40th is this Saturday (March 10th), I have plenty to share. This could've been called Wrestling Politically With A Bounty On Musical Quarterbacks! Translation...I talk about: 1) the wrestling business, 2) the latest on the Republican nomination mess, 3) the Saints Bounty and Peyton's Place Vacant, 4) a fan-pick, and 5) personal thoughts on my 40 years of causing chaos and disorder to the planet.

Am truly blessed by all of you who listen to my show. :)

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In one of the strangest Crazy Tom shows I've ever put together, this week features... 1) an Oscar recap and Hollywood Hypocracy, 2) the strangest Daytona 500 ever, 3) Eagles' runner holding back plus baseball changes, 4) a violent fan pick, and 5) future fan suggestions along with chilling testimony from a member of the infamous 'crotchbomber' flight from Christmas 2009. Hope you enjoy--and based on a flash topic, I threw in a surprise at the end of this show...listen carefully for it.

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