Every podcast I seem to outdo myself...and this week may be the most riveting as everything connects in this week's show: 1) remembering Mermorial Day and life's value, 2) life's value with a...music download? 3) why music is what it is today and where the money really benefits, 4) stealing money in Facebook stock, and 5) the sports saga. Listener discretion advised...enjoy and hang on tight!! 

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Once again, life and the busy work schedule have run me over and delayed this podcast release. This episode has me talking about... 1) remember Donna Summer, 2) using cell phones in flight, 3) the Symington Amendment (and why it's so important), 4) all the sports latest, and 5) a fan-pick that basically ties a lot of this show within some way. Hang on tight for this one and enjoy...with a new lead sponsor to be introduced!!

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It's another nonsense title that makes sense with this week's show content: this week featuring... 1) the passing of not one but 2 household names since my last show, 2) the real unemployment story, 3) an interesting fan-pick, 4) national hoax week, and 5) the latest on the Stanley Cup Playoffs, a sad football passing, and maybe the end of a Riv-era. But I throw a bizarre bonus at the end...so hope you enjoy this one!

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