An almost totally sports-related show this week, talking about the conclusions of the NHL and NBA seasons, a review of the 2012 MLF Brand All-Star game from the past, I have words on the new immigration mess and of course...that creep. Sandusky. Enjoy this one if you can.

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This is the 1st half of the 2012 MLF All-Star Game between the BNEFF and BEFF in Bridgewater, NJ on June 16. 1st half highlights are involved, including a surprising ending to the 1st half.

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You'll probably ask what was I thinking after this show. This week: 1) a reminder about my BNEFF/BEFF all-star game project for next Saturday in Bridgewater, 2) the Phillies and other teams' no-hit connections, 3) another fan pick that will tug at the heart, 4) total stupidity while driving, and 5) remembering the USS Liberty. Prepare for another interesting show...hope you enjoy! :)

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As if my podcast isn't chaotic enough, this week...not only do I fix my editing troubles but I manage to shorten my show by nearly a half hour. This week...I speak about 1) Johan Santana's no-hitter and hockey, 2) tattoos and the workplace, 3) a story you won't believe, 4) a football coach's non-attractive comment, and 5) plans for this summer with minor league football. Hang tough and enjoy this one if you can!

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