This is the 2nd half of the season opener to the Panthers/Wolves game held in Plainfield, NJ on July 28th. Postgame interviews follow the contest.

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This is the 2012 season opener for the MLF/BNEFF, the 1st half of the PHL Panthers/NJ Wolves from Seidler Field in Plainfield, NJ. Game broadcast from top of bleachers since no press box was available.

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Sometimes there are more questions than answers it seems. This weeks' show talks about: 1) remembering a former Zetadvisor, 2) a Major League Football preview, 3) Penn State punishment penalties, 4) the Darkest Night outside Denver, and 5) why I am not in the world of corporate media. Enjoy...but listen very responsibly. :)

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I feel myself getting totally madder. This week's show may sound depressing, but it speaks about 1) why the weather has been so hot lately, 2) a fan pick on a bathing suit ban on a boardwalk, 3) how a lifeguard saved a life and got fired for it, 4) the Phleeped up Phillies, of course, and 5) a House bill to cut food stamps. Depressing? Maddening? This one you just have to listen to so try to enjoy and attempt to put on a happy face.

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Not with traditional opening and closing music this time around (and for good reason), this week's show sets off fireworks: 1) the Phillies and NHL stuff, 2) a Sandusky update and cover-up? 3) is Obamacare a disaster? 4) the late Friday night severe storms, and 5) could a major event happen before November? Lots to light with a Happy 4th of July...and make it safe and sane even if everyone else isn't!! :)

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