This is the 2nd half of the contest between the Flemington Generals and NJ Wolves, held on September 15th in Plainfield, NJ. Dark ending, however--don't worry, it's just the lighting, not the players involved.

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This is the first half of the Flemington Generals/NJ Wolves contest, held on September 15th in Plainfield, NJ. Some interesting plays in the first half--and developments as well while the game was in progress.

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This is the 2nd half of the Boxers/Vikings matchup held in Willingboro, NJ at the Memorial Upper Elementary School. The cold front comes through and the wind and weather pull more tricks...and a storm brews on the field of another kind at the end of the game. Postgame interview follows. (Listener discretion advised, especially towards the end of the game.)

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This is the first half of the matchup between the NJ Boxers and the South Jersey Vikings, which took place in Willingboro, NJ. Due to high winds, the audio is not great for most of the first half...the wind played tricks on everyone. (Listener discretion advised in some areas.)

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This is my podcast catching up on action from the last few weeks of the BNEFF and the BEFF. I'll give info and a preview on which game I'm doing next...and then give you predictions for 2012 on a 3rd league...the NFL. (May throw you another surprise along the way as well.)

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