The Academy might give me a razzing for this because I'm late for my show...but better late than never!!

This week show includes 1) female power: Danica, Daytona, and speed week, 2) changes to Speed Week 2014, 3) what drives me crazy: the lost art of public address announcing, 4) too much security for a Toronto Raptors fan, and 5) how Zero Dark Thirty had less than "zero" chance, plus the big Oscar winners.

This is a longer show so hope you enjoy the craziness! 

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On this special Valentine's Day edition of my Crazy Tom Show...hearts somehow lack.

I talk about 1) is Valentine's Day overrated, 2) a disrespect follow-up with a refreshing opposite story, 3) how to feel better by being a crankiness crusher, 4) what drives me crazy: more "state of the union" shootouts, and 5) a little sports with the Pope at the end of the rope.

Hope you may be real dizzy after listening to this one.

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I respectfully submit (haha) another Crazy Tom Show for your enjoyment...if you want to call it that.

This week's show features 1) a recap of Super Bowl (Baugh) 47, 2) a look into possible future Super Bowls at cold-weather sites if next year's works at the Meadowlands, 3) a followup on the Revolutionary War bullets and astonishing family situation, 4) what drives me crazy: blatant disrespect, and 5) "Anomymous" with Operation: Last Resort.

Enjoy this will no doubt have your head spinning!!

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Lots of action in this week's Crazy Tom Show!

This week, I talk about 1) another DOPE behind the steroids, 2) revolutionary schools?, 3) Aurora and Sandy Hook: possibly more in common than a shooting, 4) what drives me crazy: The Private Central Bank, and 5) my Super Bowl (I mean Baugh) 47 overview and prediction.

Hope you enjoy what will be a very interesting show...

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