Cactus makes perfect with this show...which opens up with the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote running from my wrath!!

This week I talk about 1) a US Soldier with artificial legs being oversearched, 2) why another O-Birth Certificate controversy, 3) the NCAA tournament, 4) a 2013 baseball preview, and 5) why I'm not in the field of reporting.

The Crazy one unleashes the venom this ready! And Happy Easter while we're at it!!

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Another one of my badly suggested titles of a crazy...yet slightly

I talk about 1) a very dark subject that still kills us today, 2) a Wrestlemania 29 match and performer update, 3) the NCAA men's bracket and CZT's Final 4 prediction, 4) music and an interview with The Dawgs, and 5) both sides of the new Pope.

Have fun with this one...this will be a very interesting show.

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Yes, this is another show title which makes absolutely no sense. Let me break down what I talk about:

This week, it's 1) a mini-Wrestlemania preview and remembering Paul Bearer, 2) really? Now it's Bin Laden's Son-In-Law?, 3) NFL Free Agency and trades, 4) what drives me crazy: limiting your drink in New York, and 5) the story of Brandon's Song.

I also include a long list of people who attacked my FB page this past weekend at the end of my show. Enjoy sure will be crazy enough for you!!

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In life nothing seems to make sense anymore. After several gut-wrenching tries, this week's CZT Show goes a little wild:

This week, I speak about 1) what sequester?, 2) a Philly cop gets away with punching a woman, 3) 75 years of March Gone Mad, 4) anniversaries we'd like to forget, and 5) three educational stooge stories which will pull your hair out.

I turn 41 on March 10th and somehow I survived another year...hope you enjoy!!

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