This is the 2nd half of my Crazy Tom Show, solely focusing on the aftermath of the Boston Bombings...the stories, inconsistencies, players involved, and every possible question you might just want to think about before making any decision on what actually happened.

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We quickly forget about things when we are distracted by endless news stories in one place. For this, my CZT Show this week will be in 2 parts.

I talk about 1) the latest on West, Texas and the fertilizer explosion, 2) an update on the end of my show last week...the Christinas and the kidney donation, 3) baseball's latest, and 4) the hockey and basketball playoffs.

5) on the Boston bombings, will be on the 2nd half of my show and released soon.

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On the non-explosive part of my show, I talk about 1) an update on the missing TCNJ student, 2) remembering Pat Summerall, 3) the odd comparison of shows and presidential look-alikes, 4) do we need an income tax? and 5) a very happy ending...for once.

Hope you enjoy both shows...I'm already loading up for next week.

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I break from format this week to deliver my podcast in 2 segments: this first one talks about the Boston Mara-bomb and the horrible explosion in the town of West, Texas.

This show was recorded on 4-18; well before all chaos erupted in Boston so this is information that is outdated. But my opinions...they aren't outdated. Question everything...

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From the serious to the totall stupid and all sports in-between, this week's show has plenty...and is actually 20 minutes shorter than what I've been producing lately!

I talk this week about 1) a missing student from my alma mater, 2) current baseball and a review on the "42" movie, 3) the capital of the basketball world, 4) a veteran is threatened by a state for disagreeing with gun laws, and 5) a personal 'what drives me crazy' moment.

Enjoy this one...let's see how much you can handle.

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It was hard this week to find a non-painful title. But more things are hurting than broken legs in this week's show.


This week...I talk about 1) the Rutgers AD Chicken and Rice video, 2) the Final Four all but broken, 3) a gun control and incident reminder, 4) bats...and sex? Really? (discretion advised) and 5) You might be a terrorist if...


The sublime and the bizarre...that is Crazy Tom. Hope you enjoy this week's installment! 

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