OK...so I got this week's episode a little shorter but the topics are very hot when you think they are cool:

This week, I talk about 1) THE royal birth, 2) pro and semipro football updates, 3) baseball trades and the biogenisis fallout, 4) why no federal legislation into Greek hazing, and 5) Snowden...did he really do anything wrong?

There's a lot on the plate so prepare to hopefully enjoy my craziness!

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NOTE: Due to the unexpected 8 minutes of dead air I found on my original release of this podcast, I had to disable this show briefly to give myself a little more room to work with. I do apologize for that inconvenience. Still, hopefully the info will still be for good use to think about...and to my surprise, it’s almost 2 hours worth:

This week...I mention 1) the lame baseball all-star game and the lamer MVP, 2) what to expect from teams in the second half, 3) the nerve to poke fun at pilots following a tragedy, 4) my recent nightmares at Terminal 1 at JFK, and 5) Martin/Zimmerman, Stand Your Ground, pro and con.

This will be a thought provoker...if you haven’t listened yet, stand by for hopefully a good show.

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For the people who just want me to quit...not happenin', bub.

This week the Crazy one talks about 1) his minor league football stuff (and another tragedy), 2) 10 baseball players who never played an all-star game, 3) chances of world-known franchises returning to glory, 4) the Asiana fligfht 214 tragedy and subsequent hypocracy, and 5) Tsarnaev beginnings and Martin/Zimmerman endings.

You may not agree with some things I say, but I hope you'll agree in enjoying this chapter!!

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After a longer break than expected, I come out swinging...pinatas be warned.

This week I begin by 1) remembering a classmate of mine who passed suddenly, 2) two separate "watch what you say" gaffes, 3) down with the Defense of Marriage Act, 4) recapping the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, and 5) this is NOT a Patriot.

Hope you enjoy this one for your English King holiday (July the 4th)!!

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