It's been 50 years since "I Have A Dream"...but by no means did the Crazy one show up to become a nightmare to your ears! And this show is a prime example of it.

This week...I talk about 1) semipro football stuff and a possible trip to Memphis, 2) three stooge stories involving head scratching, 3) are you Syria-ss??, 4) two teens in a toddler slaying trial in Georgia, and 5) the unfortunate expansion of "stop-and-frisk."

Have fun with this one...peace this show together before you go to pieces!

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Equality and stupidity tend to be on equal ground these days with stupidity taking focus. So how does the crazy one try not to sound stupid this week?

Well, by talking about 1) finally, the firing of Charlie Manuel, 2) A-Rod and the obvious preferential treatment, 3) a school shooting...already?, 4) Missouri and Manning equal total mayhem, and 5) OK-47 and 3 teens gunning an innocent man down.

Have a blast with this one as I keep you scratching your heads!! 

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Actually did this from a soccer practice most of the way. So what subjects will I kick around?

Well...this week I talk about 1) Florida and another federal murder coverup, 2) road rage in front of my eyes, 3) what "threat"?, 4) baseball and the biogenisis punishments, and 5) does this cop deserve his job back?

There's plenty to think about...hope you enjoy this one! 

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Sometimes I wonder why my shows can get feisty. A tamer (really?) Crazy Tom speaks from the bedroom this week.

This week I talk about 1) more deaths, including the legendary Kidd Kraddick, 2) The Real Frauds of NJ, 3) is Bradley Manning really an enemy?, 4) Riley Cooper Stooper, and 5) why there weren't that many big trades at the deadline.

Hope you enjoy...and better news: this podcast, compared to my marathons the last 2 weeks, clocks in at an hour and 17 minutes! So I spare you...somewhat.

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