This show has been put unforgivably and unacceptably apologies who choose to forgive, but I have a couple of bombshell topics for this week now that I feel better:

This week I talk about 1) the DC Naval tragedy and going through a tragic town, 2) more Iran and Syria craziness, 3) the final week of baseball and Bud Selig retiring, 4) football--the pros and a major college issue, and 5) the Kenya attacks and who is responsible.

Plenty of content to fire away at so hope you enjoy!!

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After what turned into an unexpected week off, plus given historical significance of this week, I decided to wait until late to let all the venom out. And why, you ask?

This week, the Crazy one talks about 1) how his Memphis trip totally collapsed, 2) round 1 of NFL football, 3) a waitress suspended for posting a racist receipt a customer left her, 4) a sickening death of a child in Philly, and 5) are we any better off  compared to September 11th 12 years ago?

This is bound to be a very charged show...buckle your ears up and enjoy!!

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