Serving more live turkeys without the trimmings...oh am I all-out raw this week.

This week I talk about 1) the catastrophe in the Phillipines, 2) 50 years since JFK went away, 3) the latest on the Obamashell known as Obamacare and its policies, 4) round 10 of the NFL, and 5) Black...Thursday night?

So much for tradition! This is a long 111 minutes, bot hope you enjoy the early extra helpings of craziness!

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They are out and about...and this time I respond with a podcast that will have you internally fired up as I was.

This week, I talk about 1) remembering a special person, 2) more funding to spy on us, 3) a follow-up with viewpoint letters regarding an animal shelter, 4) round 9 of the NFL, and 5) the bullying Dolphins and how I can relate.

This one is sure to have yoru head spinning...enjoy and listen as closely as you can!!

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Once unacceptably late podcast with a Halloween theme, but the pumpkin has been wilting a bit.

This week I talk about 1) another crazy Florida crime, 2) a Maine animal shelter in chaos, 3) Obamacare and the insurances...who benefits?, 4) a little basketball and NFL Round 8, and 5) recapping the 2013 World Series.

Hopefully you will enjoy this this podcast a treat? Or full of tricks?

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