Don't let the title of this show fool you...after a week off due to illness, the Crazy one tries to plant the seeds into growing a 2-hour show:

This week I talk about 1) someone afraid to send kids to school due to some safety issues, 2) the deadly Monsanto game, 3) what's really going on in Afghanistan, 4) a "bonus focus" with 'the wife' on NJ Governor Christie and his controversies, and 5) a look into Super Bowl 48 and the previous 47 meetings.

A super podcast? Not sure, but hope you enjoy!!

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Considering the approach to this show changed several times...this wasn't what I was hoping, but still brought out some interesting topics.

This week, Crazy Tom talks about 1) remembering three high school students who passed, 2) two ladies and the trip of a lifetime...and introducing as a sponsor, 3) remembering MLK and how a Michigan ad showed horrid disrespect, 4) Clayton, A-Roid, and Bud, and 5) a football recap, including my CZT Knucklehead Of The Week!

Let's bring it. Enjoy this one folks!!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR from Crazy Tom...and the craziness is about to be taken to another level in 2014!

For instance...this week the Crazy one talks about 1) his crazy limo adventures since the new year began, 2) a banker who faked his death and stole millions, 3) two senators who broke the law and nobody knows it, 4) a college football recap, and 5) the end of the NFL regular season and wild-card weekend.

NOTE: a segment to my show has returned after being absent for a couple of years. Enjoy 110 minutes of craziness in my first show of the new year!!

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