Needless to say, this title has nothing to do with onions and horses, but rather items which necks probably would be rung under normal circumstances.

This week...the Crazy one talks about 1) good holiday intentions going bad, 2) some sports and Derek Jeter's farewell, 3) an olympic pay-up, 4) very startling science, and 5) a knucklehead of the week outside of sports that goes beyond comprehension.

Have fun with this least this is a podcast of regulation length!!

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Let's just say this week isn't just gone to the hawks! I come commentating like one!!

This week I talk about 1) who says I have a silly blog?, 2) the recap of Super Bowl 48, 3) my personal Super Bowl weekend expereince and the storms that followed, 4) someone warning college kids to not be a teacher, and 5) an Atlanta snowstorm and a financial collapse...could they be similar?

Have fun with this least this avalanche is 15 minutes shorter this week. Note discretion is advised in the early parts, and be sure to listen to the public service announcement that finishes my show.

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